It all started with a bite

Let me tell you a story, about how the world ended and how now I am living in a wasteland that once was a paradise for all the elven, and forest folk.
It all started with a bite…
Oh, don’t worry, it’s not a story about a plague, or an undead infection, it’s something much more…unbelievable.
Before I say anything, let me break down my world to you.
It is:
1)Big rich planet, with trillions of inhabitants.
2) Six different continents, with very different traditions and culture.
3)Several empires, and countless kingdoms scattered across the land, and underneath the water
4)Cultivation is the most common life style choice, meaning that our lifespan is longer than mortals, and we are stronger than your average folk
5) There are countless races living on this planet
6) There are reincarnated beings here, me being one of them (formerly a human from Earth, now an elven druid)
That’s all you need to know about the world, well that and the fact that there are realms above this one, where living beings are of a higher form/quality than us.
Now, one sunny day, a kid from another continent than my elven one, found a small tree with silvery blood red fruits.
The fruits were taken, analysed and then used as ingredients for pills, as they were found to be able to help one gain 500 years-worth of energy.
The little tree was then assaulted, and someone was brave enough to bite it.
Yep, you read that right, someone bit the tree, and that’s when all hell broke loose.
The tree shrieked and the skies darkened.
“Who dares to hurt my flesh and blood.”
A booming voice questioned the entire world.
Sadly, the commotion just scared the individuals near the tree, causing the little tree’s death.
The voice shouted in anger, and the skies cleared.
People thought that it all ended well, the expert can’t come down, and we shall live happily ever after.
They were wrong, and I knew it, thus I instructed my tribe, and tried to convince the other elves (albeit failed miserably) to create a pocket dimension, where we should live until the storm passes.
My tribe listened to me, alongside with several allies.
It took us seven days to create the pocket dimension, but on the 6th day the doomsday scenario started playing.
Tears appeared around the planet’s space forming rifts, and from them countless troops arrived.
Even the weakest soldier was as strong as our strongest cultivator.
They waited for 2 days, until they reached 100 million in number, before raining hell upon us.
Mountains collapsed, the oceans dried out, all plants withered, while all the races struggled against the attacks… alas it wasn’t good enough.
Besides us, there were several royal families with strong enough ties to upper realms that they got the mastery to create pocket dimension, thus surviving the calamity.
The soldiers left the moment they ascertained there was no living being on the planet. (we didn’t count, as we were in a separate space)
And now, we the elves are hired by all the surviving experts to revitalise the soil, and re-create the forests, lakes and oceans of the planet.
We all are working hard to make it happen, but we can’t help but sigh, and laugh.
Our world got destroyed in less than a week, and if somebody asks us how did it happen, what can we say?
Oh, it all started with a bite…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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