Just a simple game

Games are activities that were created to pass time, relax or vent one’s frustrations.
As living beings were evolving, their need for recreation became apparent and thus games were born.
But how about entities high above mortal understanding, what about them, do they have games to liven up their eternal lives?
The answer to the previous question is yes, and a chosen hero of a certain realm, just realised what exactly the Gods game is.
In an inconspicuous universe, on an underdeveloped planet that was engulfed in wars all year-round.
On this planet whose inhabitants were awaiting a saviour, finally saw a ray of hope.
A child blessed by a god of justice, or so the clergy claimed appeared, and started his journey and training.
With a staggering rate of growth, the young child became a teenager, age at which he surpassed many generals and kings in strength, becoming the leading figure of the war against the forces of chaos.
The chosen one cleaned his home planet of wars and conflicts before he became a fully-fledged adult, but then an even wider, vaster world opened up before him: the galaxy.
He was recruited by a minor goddess, the one who blessed him, and taken to various places where he was nurtured and sent to accomplish certain tasks.
The chosen one trekked across flames, blood, and rubbles his tasks always veering off the right track, and becoming much more challenging, while unearthing secrets that got bigger and bigger.
But their rate of growth never changed, it was always heaven defying, by the age of 50 they contended against the strongest entities in the galaxy, making the goddess who initially chose them, become theirs.
After successfully straightening out the galaxy, the hero started its journey across the myriad galaxies, and took its first step into the wide and endless universe.
The hero’s life wasn’t easy.
Each step taken by them was met with at least twice the amount of hardships.
Betrayals, assassination attempts, kidnappings, curses, wars, great battles, misunderstandings, calamities and world ending, heaven shattering affairs popped-up so often that the hero knew that something was amiss.
The amount of disasters they met and survived was something that statistically should’ve been impossible.
The hero knew well, there were countless times where they should’ve died, certainly but they didn’t.
There were countless times, where the enemies could’ve killed them, but they didn’t.
There were countless times where they wanted to do one thing, but they ended up doing something completely different, something unthinkable, and yet it all ended well, even better than the initial planned things.
Regardless of these things, the hero marched on, winning, losing, saving people, losing people, they had a rough life.
At barely over 500 years old, the hero was already amongst the strongest beings in the entire universe, which was a feat never seen before, thought as impossible.
The hero’s senses were telling them that there was something very wrong with the entire situation.
They all felt uncomfortable, and were unable to enjoy the peace that was ushered in, in the entire universe.
Not long after, the hero’s rest was broken, by the invasion of foreigners, that claimed to have come from higher ranked universes.
This was the point where the hero took their stance.
They refused to interfere and retreated from the affairs of the universe.
They went back with all their wives and husbands and enjoyed a peaceful retirement…alas it didn’t last long.
Not even a year after the fight against the invaders started, and the hero retired, a huge pillar of light engulfed the hero, forcefully taking them away.
When the light dissipated, the hero was floating in space, while being surrounded by several light entities.
“Why aren’t you fighting anymore?”
One of them asked.
The hero refused to answer, to which the entities sighed.
“I guess this game is over, need to find another hero.”
One of them said.
The hero finally couldn’t hold his anger in and questioned.
All the deaths, destruction they have witnessed…all of it was just a game?
“Oh, don’t be like that, we’ve created these universes around this area of space and time, we can afford playing a simple game like this.”
One of them said.
“Right, right, anyway, something like this would’ve happened after several years, we just influenced here and there to make it quicker, and more interesting.”
Another one chimed in.
The hero collapsed…
Their entire life…all the struggle…all the deaths…all the tears…it was just…just a simple game…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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