The battlefield of peace

The endless realms are filled with battlefields.
There are battles between clans, sects, races, internal struggles, civil wars, rebellions, invasions so many reasons for a battlefield to be born.
The myriad of reasons gave birth to myriad battlefields, but none of the battlefields is as deadly, and as silent, as the battlefield of peace.
The battlefield was named as such, after entering a stalemate, eons ago.
No violence, no skirmishes, nothing happens on the battlefield, as it’s too volatile.
The battlefield of peace houses the forces of all the myriad realms from its surroundings.
Humans, elves, dwarves, dragons, immortals, deities, demons, devils, spirits, beasts, angels, and many more races have forces present on the battlefield, making it impossible for anyone to make the first move.
The very first time the battle erupted, it was a battle between humans, angels, and demons, but it quickly enveloped the benefits of the surrounding realms, thus involving the other myriad races as well.
The reason for this battle?
The humans have found out that the angels and demons, two antagonist races, have actually allied to open up a treasury left behind by a Creator levelled entity.
This treasury is found on the planet that now is taken as the battlefield.
Years of warring between the first three races have brought the attention of the surrounding realms to the treasury, especially after a heaven defying herb was found inside one of the planet’s forests.
Soon, it became a battle royal between all the races becoming a highly chaotic war.
The losses quickly rose, so much that each side suffered losses amounted to 5-10% of their entire population, the leaders of these races quickly asking for help from higher ranked realms that they were allied or subservient to.
This brought more and more players to the game, making the outcome blurrier and blurrier.
In the end, after each race bled more than it should have, the situation entered a stalemate.
No race wanted to make a move, and search for the treasury in the open, as then, they would be the target of all the other races.
Since the stalemate began, eons passed, and oracles prophesied that the treasury will open by itself in the future.
The races all awaited said day, as they were sure that the key to ascending to higher realms was in there.
As years passed, each race built towns and settlements on this planet, quickly transforming it from a wasteland that it became after the battles, to a flourishing, but tense planet.
As more and more settlements were created, overlaps started to appear, and several races started to mingle.
The battlefield of peace as it’s called, was named such due to the stalemate at first, but it gained a new meaning after years and years passed.
This battlefield that was once considered as the most volatile, dangerous one became a place, where myriad races could actually cohabit in a “false” peaceful way.
Who knows, maybe in a distant future, this “false” peace will become a true one.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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