Despite the Age

The myriad realms all follow the same flow.
They are born naturally or created, and they start their cycles.
A realm is born, evolves, regresses and collapses, with the stages being interchangeable.
Inside a realm, all matter follows the same cycle as the realm itself: birth, life and death.
Life has its ups and downs, but not even death is an eternal end, as one can prosper even in the afterlife.
I’ve seen the cycles repeat over and over again in the mortal realms, divine realms, while the realms slowly aged.
Regardless the age people were living in the desire to improve was almost always there.
There were certain civilisations that were content with what they had, and their development went from improvement to strengthening, but my friends always argued that it was the same, but just in another direction.
Watching over the myriad realms was a rather uneventful task, as all I had to do was…to watch, not interfere, nor record, just simply watch and experience it.
I’ve met countless individuals in the eons I’ve lived, and wandered and I’ve learnt a thing.
Age is not correlated with one individual’s wisdom.
I’ve seen sage kids, that at a young age of under 10 have taken on the role to rule over an entire dynasty or even a realm.
They’ve ushered in a golden age of prosperity, bringing innovations to how one should rule, and behave with one’s subjects.
I’ve seen prodigies that at below 50 years old already had cultivation levels, similar to the old men that have trekked the path of cultivation for realm cycles.
And that’s the good part of the age problem, but as with everything, there are bad parts as well.
I’ve seen Emperors that even after ruling for tens of thousands of years they would rather kill their own blood and flesh than to abdicate.
I’ve seen cultivators which by nature, is a profession that goes against the Heavens, cower in fear when met with a stronger power, even though the ones suffering were their loved ones.
I’ve seen ageless beings that were birthed by the realm itself, continue to stagnate at the peak of the mortal realms, unable to step towards divinity, simply because they were unable to change their thinking.
And now, in front of me was a young Chosen One hell-bent on making my life well…hellish.
“You are a Watcher! How come you don’t know where my wife’s soul went?!!?”
He shouted.
“Because I don’t know your wife, that’s why.”
I said, shrugging.
“You are an immortal! You’ve seen universes collapse! How could you not know such a simple thing?”
He said.
“I might be old, but that doesn’t mean I am bored. Age is important biologically, but in the cultivation world, age is more just a helping hand to know how much time has passed.”
I said, chuckling.
“You! And you consider yourself a wise sage?!?”
The Chosen One shouted.
“Nope. I am a watcher, nothing more.”
I answered.
“Being so wilful and hateful at such an age, aren’t you embarrassed?”
One of the Chosen One’s helpers chimed in.
“I might be so old that there are no numbers invented to describe it. But in my soul, I consider myself barely 18. I can afford to be stubborn and moody.”
I said, shrugging, and disappearing from their sight.
I knew they will find me soon enough, after all, despite their age, and despite the age we live in, anger will always be a good fuel for motivation.
As I thought this, I wandered towards another realm, awaiting the day I met the Chosen One once more, curious towards what improvement he might’ve had.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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