Cabin of the Forgotten Forest

There was a forest on the land of our family.
It has always been there, but we never really exploited it, as my great-grandparents were into herding cattle, and growing different crops.
The forest was used as a vacation place, enjoying the calmness of its secludedness.
Smaller lakes could be found scattered across the forest, the wildlife prospering, but also being unnaturally friendly.
Now, I planned for a trip through the forests, as an activity for my 18th birthday, but we’ve met with something peculiar.
It was a cabin, a humongous new looking cabin that was found in the depths of the forest.
This forest was widespread and even crossing over the land of several other owners, but I never heard about someone building a cabin in it.
“Mark…you said this was a Forgotten Forest, right?”
Julie asked me.
“That’s how my parents and I call it, yes. Nobody really passes through it anymore, since we don’t cut the trees, nor do we hunt, we basically enter the outskirts of the forest at best.
Coming to the forest to relax, but that’s for brief moments, at best a few days, no need to build a cabin for something like that.”
I answered.
The cabin was eerie, not because how it looked, but exactly because how it looked.
As I already said, it wasn’t old, it was looking new, but that wasn’t the end of it.
It looked modern, almost out of this world.
Made out of a type of wood that was certainly not from this forest, it was more like a mansion than a cabin for all that we know.
It had exquisite engravings on the pillars, and even on the walls depicting certain events, entities and creatures I would say.
“This…Should we check it out?”
Adam proposed.
Jack shouted.
“I agree with Jack, this is some horror movie prop looking cabin.”
Lily chimed in, shivering a bit.
There was an odd atmosphere settling in.
The sky suddenly darkened and with a thunderous roar, a huge storm begun.
We took shelter on the cabin’s terrace, but the wind started picking up, and we were once more drenched.
I looked at my friends who were already shivering.
“We need to enter it…”
I said sighing.
“No! We would be better off here.”
Jack argued.
“We have the tents, and sleeping bags with us, just use them as extra shelter from the storm.”
Lily chimed in.
That was actually a good idea.
We took out our sleeping backs and set them on the terrace, then using some nails I brought just in case (I am paranoid), we nailed our tents onto the terrace, so that we are protected from the wind and rain.
The storm lasted 3 days.
These 3 days were hellish for us, there was this temptation to enter the cabin a few dozen times.
Thankfully, both Jack and Lily were adamant against doing so.
After the storm stopped, we left, and we all swore that we heard a voice chuckling: “So close…” as we left the cabin’s terrace.
It took us roughly 10 hours to arrive back to my house.
There, my parents and my friends parents awaited us, and after making sure we were okay, left to make dinner.
With hot-chocolate in our hands, and hot towels on our heads we laughed.
“Jack, Lily if you two horror junkies weren’t with us, we might’ve entered that cabin.”
Julie said.
“Yes, thanks to your stubbornness we endured the elements! We are true warriors.”
I said, chuckling.
“I don’t know if what we heard was real, but if it was, it’s good that we didn’t enter it.”
Jack said.
“Indeed. It might’ve been a false alarm, but since during 3 days, nobody came out, and nobody came to the cabin, I can say it is better that we’ve camped outside of it.”
Lily chimed in as well.
We all nodded.
“Also…those engravings, I am pretty sure I saw a dragon, a wendigo and a vampire there.”
Adam, our fantasy connoisseur said.
We paled a bit, remembering a certain horror movie.
We discussed the topic a bit more, before moving the discussion towards the college exams and our future.
It was a weird experience, but it brought us all closer.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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