Carried by the crowd

 “I never thought that I will be this unlucky.”
I sighed, being carried away.
Nobody knows how it started, but it destroyed the entire world as we know it.
It took less than 5 years for the world to regress to an industrial age, electrical grids were destroyed, while only engines and generators from remote location remained intact.
The apocalypse destroyed our life, and we don’t know how it started, nor how to stop it.
People started getting infected, and behaving haphazardly.
You could call them zombies, but they weren’t like the ones from the movies and shows.
While scientists couldn’t ascertain if this was a virus, a parasite or a fungus based entity, one thing was sure: they weren’t hostile to living beings.
The infection method was still unknown, but 10% of each city, town and village has been infected, the hordes of now infected individuals, wrecking-havoc to any nearby electrical source, mostly towers, and lines.
After destroying the electric towers in remote locations, they’ve all surged towards big centres, ignoring smaller generators and engines.
After a while, we’ve realised that they were all heading towards Yellowstone Park, well for those on the North American Continent.
Those in the South American Continent were heading towards the heart of the Amazonian rainforest.
In Europe they were surging towards the Black Forest in Germany, while those in Asia were rushing towards the Aokigahara forest in Japan.
In Australia they were walking forward towards the Daintree rainforest’s heart.
Strangely enough, on islands or at the poles, there has been no report of infection.
While thinking about these matters, I’ve been suddenly hit.
“Hey, be careful you corpse.”
I shouted to the zombies who were pushing me forward.
I was sandwiched between them, as they taken me by surprise when I was out, searching for food.
And why was I caught?
After all, in 5 years, most of them should’ve arrived at their destination, right?
Well, guess what? After they arrive at the Yellowstone Park, they just all roar, growl and then turn back to the spot, where they first transformed!
Also, why am I so calm?
First of all, I have been tested, I am immune to their blood, so if the infection is through blood, I am all good, and if it’s through some other method, than I am defenceless whether I am near them, or far away.
Secondly, this isn’t my first rodeo with them.
Now, back to the topic, they are rather harmless, other than almost causing a nuclear winter, and completely making it impossible to watch TV while in a bigger city.
We’ve tried to kill them, but if we kill one then another perfectly safe, healthy human is “infected” somehow, believe me, we’ve learnt this the hard way.
They don’t decompose, they don’t stink, they are agile, but they are completely brain-dead.
We can’t do anything to them, so the governments (new and old ones) decided that we shall live with them.
And now, humanity is slowly starting to learn their patterns, and we are coming up with ways to live once again a full life, just that this time, rural areas are getting the upper-hand, and not the urban ones.
I sighed…
No matter how many times I think about this topic, it’s always ridiculous.
As I watched the mass of zombies carry me further and further away from the city, I smiled.
“Thank God I found rations, this will be enough until I reach Yellowstone Park…and if I remember well, there is a colony out there, recently created, where I may get my hands on a house, and settle there.”
I said, while patting one of the zombies carrying me, wishing that they sped up.
I got a bag full of rations and water, but the journey is 2 weeks long, I don’t want any surprises.
“But oh…I will have to wear the same clothes for 2 weeks…Oh well, at least the zombies won’t mind if something warm trickles down on them.”
I thought, shrugging, and laughing.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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