Long Summer

Everything was fine.
Global warming was, albeit almost late, but was finally taken seriously.
With serious, almost drastic measures implemented, Earth’s climate started to stabilise, and theoretically everything was back to normal.
Then one day, it happened.
From one day to another, the days got longer and nights shorter.
Weather was warmer and the storms were wilder, heavier.
Indeed it was summer, but something was wrong with it.
The first issue was the fact, that it was middle of December when it happened, so while the warmer climate wasn’t that out of ordinary, the length of the day shouldn’t have changed.
The second issue was even more terrifying: half a year later, nothing changed.
Third issue: it happened all over the world, be it south, east, west or north, the entirety of the globe experienced summer.
Thankfully it wasn’t a truly apocalyptic even in the present at least, as the weather wasn’t extreme.
Despite the weather being warmer, with the storms being much more violent, they were something we were used to.
It’s just now it was a year-long-phenomena, and not something seasonal.
The world adapted quite fast and tried to combat the melting of the ice caps, as the other issues were already countered years ago in certain regions, now these countermeasures just needed to be retrofitted for the entire world.
Artificial islands popped out like mushrooms after the rain, with shock absorption properties developed to be able to live stably on water.
The summer lasted “forever” or it seemed so.
After 7 long years, the weather started to cool down, while the days were getting shorter.
A huge earthquake hit the entire world when this happened.
But finally, the summer ended, and everything went back to normal, just that now humanity had advanced in environmental adapting constructions, creating stable cities across even raging waters.
After the earthquake there were individuals who swore they heard a childish voice ring in the skies.
The voice said: “Oh no, I forgot to shut the blinds. I hope my model didn’t melt this week, while I was gone.”

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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