Contact with the others

Humanity developed rather haphazardly for years, but overall it was a rather positive development.
Then, one day during mid-21st century the message arrived.
“We are coming.” was the message, and it came from space.
The message was broadcasted all over the world from outer space, in a manner that every city heard it in the language most inhabitants spoke.
The aliens have contacted us, and they were getting close.
The signal was then located somewhere between the moon and Mars.
The news gave birth to certain panic amongst the people, but it was quickly quelled.
“If they were to come with hostile intentions, would they announce their arrival?”
Such a question quickly pacified most individuals, but there were still plenty that prepared for doomsday scenarios.
2 weeks passed after the alien contact, and the world awaited their arrival that was estimated to be in 1-2 days.
In a small café, 2 friends were talking.
“What do you think about the aliens?”
A young man asked.
“They come in peace, most likely because they want our strength.”
A young lady answered, sipping her tea.
“Our strength? We can’t even properly leave our planet, what strength could we have to a civilisation that can travel through space?”
The man laughed.
“Numbers, potential, and cannon fodder status. We can be useful, as they just need to be smart enough to use us.”
The young lady said, sighing.
“What’s wrong? Why does it seem that you know more than others?”
The young man asked.
“I’ve been contacted by the government, the aliens chose several people, including me to meet with them when they arrive.”
The young lady said.
“This?! How could that be possible? Don’t mess around Lily!”
The young man said.
“I am not kidding Marcus.
Through internet connection, they’ve selected a few individuals from all over the world to be the representatives of humans.”
Lily said.
“Are you going to be okay?”
Marcus asked.
“Yep. Don’t worry.”
Lily said smiling, a glint flashing in her gaze.
2 days later on an artificial platform, 1000km from the coast of Newfoundland, in the North Atlantic Ocean.
“Will they really come?”
A reporter asked Lily.
Lily looked up in the skies, and smiled.
“They are already here.”
She said.
A shuttle landed on the artificial platform, from which five humanoid individuals appeared.
They were like humans, but with greyish skin, different coloured horns and they were way taller than humans and way more better looking.
The aliens average height being easily over 3m tall, while their bodies were lean, trained and wearing tight clothes.
“Step forward representatives.”
A female alien said in English, as it was the only language that was spoken by all the chosen individuals.
Lily, together with three young men and three young women stepped forward.
The reporters were crazily snapping pictures, while also making sure they taped the event.
“Your races were smart to send you here, our Oracle told us that this primitive planet is the key to victory against the Shadow Empire.”
The female alien said, baffling the reporters, but the representatives chosen by the aliens just smiled.
“We have our own sources of information.”
Lily answered.
“Are they worthy to enter our alliance or we need to wait a few centuries?”
The female alien asked.
The representatives all looked at Lily, clearly taking her as their leader.
“Scheming, resilient, stubborn, knowing when to bend, brave, intelligent, cruel…and so many more good general, soldier, villain and hero qualities are possessed by the humans.”
Lily said smiling.
“You are proud of them, but how are they compared with the Empire?”
The female alien questioned.
“They are almost as good and experienced as them.”
Lily said.
The aliens sighed, they hoped too much.
“You are forgetting their age.”
Lily said, chuckling.
The alien’s eyes lit up.
Indeed! The human race is a young one, barely stepping outside their mother planet’s orbit.
The aliens nodded, and looked towards the cameras.
“We wish to invite the human race to enter an intergalactic alliance, made to resist the ever-growing Shadow Empire. We shall discuss through these representatives.”
The aliens said, before boarding the shuttle and leaving.
The human governments quickly gathered, and discussed.
After hearing all the details, they agreed to enter the alliance, and soon they got their hands on technology centuries, even millennia ahead of their current abilities.
With the humans now amongst their ranks, the alliance soon will start its counterattack.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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