Dying will

In a lively city, the windows of an office were half open.
The sounds of cars, motorcycles, people talking, laughing, fighting entered the office, filling it with noise.
Inside it, the lights were flickering, papers were scattered all across the desk, and floor.
The air was heavy, filled with the smell of tobacco and blood.
In the dim flickering light, a shaky hand could be seen opening a drawer with great difficulty.
Taking out a cigar, and lighting it up, smoke soon started to rise up from behind the desk.
A man, with a pale complexion, pitch black Armani suit was sitting on the ground with his back to the wall, right below the window.
“So this is how it ends…*cough*”
The man murmured, as he coughed badly, his hand filling up with blood.
With a closer look, the man was injured, with holes puncturing his shoulder and stomach.
The man smoked the cigar slowly, while gazing at his bloodied hand.
He sighed, and with the cigar in his mouth, now his clean hand was free.
Picking up a piece of blank paper, he smiled before bloodying his finger once more.
“At least, I can write my will.”
He said, chuckling in a hoarse, weird manner.
The man thus started writing his will with his own blood on the pure white paper.
“To my family: I always loved you, I sacrificed everything for you, yet I am the villain in your life stories.
Sadly, I am a kind man, thus I will give:
my ex-wife: the mansion, and all the money that I have on my accounts
my 2 sons: all the real estate under my name divided fairly except the main company, jewellery and clothing shops
my daughter: every single jewellery, clothing shop I own”
As the man wrote that he chuckled.
If his competitors learnt that he considered himself a kind man, they would die due to rolling their eyes too hard.
The man couldn’t remember all the people he pushed out of business or the business field just to get his hands on a project or an opportunity.
He coughed again, carefully protecting his clean hand, and the paper, while slowly slumping lower, closer to the ground.
He cleaned his hand a bit, before bloodying his finger once more.
“My family hated my business, so the main company that deals with everything shall be left for an “outsider”.
I leave for my right-hand man, my assistant David, the company hoping that he will be able to lift the company to even higher heights.
He was like a son in this decade, and while being young, he will make a good director.”
The man sighed, holding back a cough.
“This is my will, written in blood, I hope everyone will heed to it, otherwise I will come back to hunt you all.”
He finished, laughing a bit.
“Should’ve had a will already written by this time…”
He murmured, shaking weakly his head.
He never thought someone will kill him so out of blue.
A coughing fit hit him once more, but this time it didn’t stop.
He carefully threw the bloody will onto the desk, and when seeing that he succeeded, he left the coughing fit explode.
After a few minutes of struggle, the man breathed his last, and died with a smile on his face.
Early in the morning, his body was found and a great chaos unfolded.
The culprit was caught not even 3 hours later, by several detectives that were friends with the man.
His family cried when they read the will, but they respected it.
The funeral was sombre, and there was an “outsider” who cried louder, and was sadder, than even the family of the man.
David’s ascension to the highest seat of power in the company wasn’t contested.
His deeds in this decade already cemented his position in the hearts of the senior officials.
His ex-wife was happy to continue living in the mansion, and even happier to have it under her name properly, as until now, she was living there with her boyfriends just because the man let her.
The sons quickly took care of the real estate, selling the ones they thought as useless, and keeping the ones they believed as profitable.
The two partnered up, and using their father’s name as a brand, they quickly became a force to behold.
The daughter was saddened, and because of the pampered life she lived under her father’s love, she dedicated her time to learn how to run a business.
From a pampered princess, she became the Empress of the jewellery industry in their city, bringing prestige to her late-father’s memory.
If the man was looking from the skies, and watching his children he would be content, but maybe, he already was, as he knew, that with the things he accumulated, his family will lack nothing, even after he passed away.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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