Memories of the universe

“I don’t really know how we ended up like this.
I don’t understand the stale, predictable and repetitive life living entities that we’ve become.
I still remember the days of ages past, my precious memories of our golden days.
I still remember how we used to frequent the imperial library, to study spells, rituals and hidden histories of the world.
I still remember how, as 2 young royal magicians we used to research into some things that could or couldn’t have led to certain execution.
Was death terrifying back then? Of course, but we didn’t stop.
I still remember us going to the frontlines, and wrecking-havoc between the enemy lines.
I still remember us challenging the Gates of Heaven, ascending in one step to godhood together.
I still remember creating our kingdom in the 9 Heavens, and helping our friends.
I still remember going to gather precious treasures birthed by the realm itself for our little babies, and oh, the so many conflicts that arose due to my plundering…*cough* forceful borrowing.
I still remember being celebrated as the Twin Stars of the New Dawn, husband and wife leading the new glorious age.
And now what? What have we become?
Cultivating daily trying to reach new heights, but with no passion behind it.
Taking care of our kingdom is not necessary as our kids will do it.
Facing dangerous challenges is pointless, as we already explored whatever could be explored in this realm.
Our lifespans are endless, but we seek no new challenges.
Our deeds are already stories, rather than facts, and are slowly becoming legends, the races of the realm slowly not caring if they are true or not.
As we are living in our memories of glorious days, we will soon become memories for those that know us.
Thus, we are leaving the realm, wandering the multi-verse, have a good life.
We shall come back in roughly 10.000 years.
Take care of the kingdom, if there are problems you can contact us with the protective amulets.
 With love: Mom and Dad.”
As the young man read that, he sighed.
He recalled memories of his parent’s endeavours.
Each, being more shocking, than the previous one.
From commoners, to royal magicians, to gods and finally becoming the rulers of the entire realm, they’ve lived a life anything but boring.
“Not surprised by this, I wondered how they could resist thousands of years without doing anything outrageous.”
The young man chuckled.
“But legends? They were legends from the moment they ascended, and they will live in the memories of every single race that exists in this realm…”
The young man thought.
“Your Majesty, there is a revolt in the Abyss Flame Galaxy, the ghost race tries to usurp the 9 tailed foxes that were appointed to be the rulers for this 10.000 year cycle.”
An eunuch came in.
“I will be there in a second.”
The young man said.
“Being the Emperor of the Realm sucks…”
The young man murmured as he flew out of the palace.
He stopped in front of 2 humongous statues.
“This is boring.
After all, you’ve cleaned any potential danger already.”
He said looking at the statues…statues that represented his parents.
The two were the ones who pacified an entire realm, extinguishing the flames of war, elevating the status of commoners, and bringing equality to the races of the realm.
The two who were afraid that they will be forgotten, have etched their mark into the very fabric of time, living eternally in the memories of the universe itself.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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