Well in the garden

There was a well in the garden.
The well was old.
It was there even before the house has been built by my great-grandfather.
The water in it never seemed to decrease, while its purity remained untainted even in the rainiest days.
Our great-grandparents, grandparent, parents, and now us, have been using the well, and we never saw a change in the volume of water it held.
My grandparent’s generation once faced a drought, yet the well remained the same, over half-way full with the clearest and cleanest water.
My grandparents had to bury it, hide it and use barrels of water they stored in advance, just to hide the fact that they had a seemingly unending supply of water.
After the drought passed, our family started digging, being sure that there must be an unidentified lake or water source under the land.
Thus, we’ve been digging around our courtyard and even inside our house for 2 years, before ascertaining that there is no such thing as “water source”.
The well remained a mystery that deepened the more we thought about it.
My great-grandparents came in their early twenties to this plot of land, and only ever since did they consume the water from the well.
They’ve lived until 98 respectively 101.
My grandfather, being raised on said water, is 76 but looking barely 50. While grandma is 73 and she looks youthful as well.
Our family rarely falls ill, and through directing the water from the well inside the house, our skin is healthier, and stronger than it should be.
Thankfully, there is nothing way too out of ordinary about us, thus everything can be swept under the rug with “good genetics”.
With directing the water inside the house, we ascertained that the well is truly blessed, or spellbound, as showering, cooking, drinking, everything involving water is from the well water, and yet, the water level stays constant.
My wife is a mineralogist and she believes that due to certain unearthly minerals, brought through meteorites falling on this plot of land, the water gained these healing abilities.
But the unending, and infinite trait of the water source is inexplicable.
She brought some equipment from her work, mapping out the underground area of our land, but nothing unusual has been found.
We see nothing, we say nothing, and we hear nothing about the weirdness of the well to outsiders.
After all this has been our blessing for 3, now 4 generations.
The well in the garden became our greatest treasure, besides our family of course.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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