The Ancestor’s Burden

“Why do I have to do this?”
The young man asked.
“Because this has been decided back in our ancestor’s time, that’s why.”
The woman said.
“Okay…she’s a knight, I am a sorcerer, we both use magic in different ways, but it’s still magic.
This could be our common ground, and also a research topic for one of my papers.”
The young man said.
“You are too nice sometimes Mark…I am sorry to have failed you as your mother…”
The woman said.
“Mom! You haven’t failed me! My fiancée is a beauty nonetheless, and a part of the royalty, so I hit the jackpot.”
The young man said, comforting his mother.
“But you won’t be able to leave their mansion until you give them a heir…Also they aren’t exactly the kindest people, so you will need to enrol in the army, and wage wars with them!”
The woman said sobbing.
“I am close to become a grand sorcerer mom. I would’ve needed to participate in the wars anyway. Also, I am a wood elemental sorcerer, I will be most likely take care of the injured soldiers.”
The young man said.
“I am sorry we have to do this…”
A man who just came in chimed in.
“No worries father, it’s not your fault…If anyone is to be blames is our Ancestor who started this tradition.”
The young man said.
“No! Never speak like that! You don’t know the Ancestor’s burden.”
The man exclaimed.
“He is the strongest man alive on our planet…wandering the void and searching for resources. Couldn’t he just simply stop this agreement?”
The young man asked.
“The Ancestor became a transcendent at 18, becoming the youngest ever as the usual breakthrough occurred way over 100 years old.
Our family became a shooting star, but the other family members were above average at best, thus the Ancestor needed a failsafe measure.”
The man said.
“We became the Ancestor’s burden…”
The young man said.
“Indeed, the family needed protection… He was almighty, but the family is big and widespread, he can’t be everywhere…Thus he made a plan.
The most prominent family on the entire planet needed a husband for their little pearl, so he went ahead and proposed not only in his name, but in the name of his entire family, for generations.
This family was of royal descent and has been around for tens of thousands of years having countless half-step transcendental entities but barely having a few true transcendental ones.
Would they ever say no to an 18 years old transcendental?”
The man said.
“No father…”
The young man said.
“Exactly, thus, the Ancestor married Great Knight Goddess Lilia, and agreed that each generation of the 2 families, with no direct ties between each other needs to marry.”
The man said.
“And since we are from a branch family, and I am talented enough, we’ve been chosen. There are no blood ties with the Dawnifell family, thus no danger of bloodline degeneration.”
The young man said, sighing.
“Indeed son. But hey, you will get a beautiful, young and talented wife, so no need to be sad.”
The man said.
The young man just nodded.
Two weeks later, he married a young, beautiful flower of a woman, and several years later their love finally truly blossomed.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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