Cause and Effect

“Why? Why would you do this?”
My beloved sister asked.
“I am doing this for us.”
I answered, entering the car of a well-known dangerous figure.
The man said.
I just nodded.
There were 3 other individuals in the car, all subtly but clearly showcasing their weapons, just to intimidate me.
“You said you know something that could save my life, speak.”
The man said coldly.
“First, I will tell you a story.”
I said, chuckling.
One of his henchmen wanted to grab his weapon, but the man just gestured.
“Go on.”
He said.
“Once there were two friends, relatively normal individuals, with a tendency for seeking death, thus they went and started working for those in the shadows.”
I said.
The man raised his eyebrow but said nothing.
“The organization the two worked for was top-tiered one.
The leader was a callous, merciless man, but he was also wise, knowing when to punish, and when to reward.
But the two were young, and fearless, quickly trading wounds, scars and others life, for merits and favours.
Soon, they became the leader’s favourites.”
I said smiling at the man.
The man didn’t react, but his back was straightened and his gaze was piercing.
“The two as I said were fearless and smart, selling information to a rival organization they set their plan in motion.
Using the disturbances created, they’ve killed the leader, taking all the documents, and assets that represented the organizations power.
With said documents, and assets, they were able to quickly create their own organization, engulfing smaller ones into their own, even eating up a part of the top-tiered organization they were part of.”
I continued.
The man knocked on the window that was between us, and the driver.
“Turn on the radio to the max.”
He said.
The driver nodded, and after pulling up the window, he turned up the music to the max.
The man sighed, took out his gun and killed all of the henchmen present.
“Continue, but be careful.”
He said, with his eyes piercing through me.
“The causes of the success were the documents, while the effects were not only the success but the rapid growth of the organization as well.
But nothing lasts forever, and the effect becomes the cause.
This time, their growth became the cause of an attack from several other organizations, the two young men almost dying.
One of them ended up sacrificing a leg for the other, just to save his life.”
I continued.
The man just sighed, not interrupting me.
“Then them almost dying was the effect, but became the cause of the losing of the leg.
And losing the leg became from an effect, again a cause, for being almost killed by their best friend, whom they considered brothers.”
I said.
“You are really Elvin’s daughter.”
He said sighing.
“My dad almost died, but retired, living as a cook, but he never forgot to study as you two usually won through detailed information gathering, and philosophy.
After all, both of you had a degree in Philosophy.”
I said chuckling.
“To the point.”
He said coldly.
“Well, father believed in karma. He suffered because he was reckless, cause-and-effect.
Well, now the fact that you almost killed him comes back as a cause for your would-be-demise.”
I said.
The man said.
“He was kidnapped, and I doubt he will endure torture for the sake of a traitor.”
I said.
“Careful with the words lass! Tell me what you want.”
He said sternly.
“Him being caught is the cause, me coming here is the effect. Now this effect will be the cause for your help, and maybe your only chance to live.”
I said smiling.
“Why would I help? I could just run and lay low for a while.”
He said, smirking.
“Well, I know where they are, I know who they are and I know if you disappear they will swallow your organization, leaving nothing for you.”
I said, chuckling.
He sighed.
“You truly like this cause and effect thing, when luck is much more important.”
He said.
“Well, you tried to kill my father, but you didn’t, even though you could’ve done it. Thus my father took care of some business that you, as a reckless one missed.”
I said.
“So it was him…”
He said.
“Those loose ends, those mistakes in your paperwork… He never left you on your own, even after you betrayed him.”
I said.
He murmured.
“And that’s when the effect becomes a cause. Now he knows too much for your own good, thus you need to save him anyway.”
I said giggling.
“You are really Elvin’s daughter, I could never win an argument against him. I was the heart, he was the mind…”
He said nodding.
He agreed to help us save our father.
We arrived at the place where our father was kept, and a huge battle begun, as I watched it unfold from a safe distance, I nodded.
“Father was right. Cause and effect exist. His life almost ended because of his friend, and now his friend is saving him. It all is a cycle, and the cycle comes to an end…”
I murmured, noting everything down in my notebook.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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