Palace in the sky

Twelve hours ago, a great disturbance occurred in our city.
It washed over the entire globe soon after appearing.
A huge floating palace, covered in rolling, writhing mist has suddenly materialised over the city I’ve been living in, more exactly, over my apartment.
Let me tell you how it happened.
I was awoken by a loud thundering noise.
Running outside my apartment, I saw the waving, writhing mist appearing above the apartment, and through the weak rays of light, I could discern the silhouette of the palace.
It was absolutely astonishing.
Rainbow coloured pillars created a hallway that led to a red door.
Sadly the roof wasn’t visible from down where I was, but the architecture style was certainly alien, as it wasn’t something I’ve ever seen, and I’ve read about, while also visiting countless ruins of olden castles, and settlements.
After all, I am a historian.
Two hours later, I’ve been glued to the screen of my monitor, watching a live-stream of a TV crew filming what the palace looks like from a helicopter.
The hallways had exactly 100 rainbow coloured pillars, with a jade like roof.
While the materials weren’t recognised by anyone yet, they were sparkling in the sunlight, so it had to be either something metallic, or polished, maybe even coated in some unknown coating.
The red door was made out of a wood like material, engraved with complicate and vivid patterns, depicting a humongous Tree surrounded by planet like structures.
Besides the Tree, there also was a golden haired woman that was taking care of the planet like structures.
While the roof of the palace was also jade like, and almost glassy, it was impossible to see inside.
The entire palace emitted slight radiation, and its energy readings were off the chart, or at least, the scientists said that.
As I was watching all this unfold, I sighed and slowly scratched the back of my hand.
There…a tattoo of a palace appeared out of nowhere, a tattoo of a palace resembling, the palace that was high up in the sky.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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