Life on Repeat

In my first life, everything was on repeat, and I thought it was a curse.
All my actions repeated themselves throughout the day, and throughout the years.
First, it was wake up, eat then sleep as a toddler.
As a young child, it was wake up, eat, play, and then sleep.
Then when school started, it got much more interesting: wake up, eat, go to school, learn, play, go home, do my homework, read, and then sleep, but it was still on repeat for years, with nothing new to do.
Then, when I became an adult it was even simpler: wake up, eat, work, go home and then sleep. Add to that the payment of bills, grocery shopping, and overall shopping, but I always considered these things as “work”.
In my adult years, I’ve met a beautiful, gentle woman who became my wife, then later on, the mother of my children, yet my life didn’t really change.
Everything was on repeat, I lacked ambition, or a dream, my wife used to giggle: “You are the perfect human. Not underachiever not overachiever, but perfectly content with being good.”
Good…she used it instead of “average”, but I didn’t complain, it was boring, but worth it, as my family was happy, so I felt happy as well.
Years passed, and I aged, my wife left me first, and not long after, I chased after her.
But I didn’t get to meet her.
My destination wasn’t Hell, Heaven, Nothingness or Purgatory, but another universe, another planet, with a new set of laws, just like in the popular novels.
I was exalted when I saw my new mother use magic to cure her weakness and immediately start taking care of the housework, after giving birth to me.
I thought that in this new world, I might find myself a goal, an ambition, and I will leave an extraordinary life.
But it didn’t happen: eat, sleep, eat, train, sleep, eat, train, fight, sleep….
Nothing changed, or at least that was what I thought.
I wandered the entire planet, and when I reached the peak of its hierarchy, I left, wandering the vast universe.
I wished, just like in my previous life, to break this cycle.
I did…much more than I did back on Earth, learnt much more, and gained insight to the inner working of the universe itself.
When I arrived at the peak, I wasn’t lonely, and I wasn’t crying about life being repetitive or boring.
I knew I was wrong, so I just chuckled.
“My entire life, both of them, I thought that I had no ambition, yet I possessed the greatest ambition: desiring an extraordinary life.
Now, this doesn’t mean to be an expert, to be rich, to be famous or to be loved by everyone.
This simply means to have a life, you consider entertaining.
And now that I think about it, I’ve been a fool.
I had such a good life, and yet, I labelled it “boring”.
I was blessed, yet I considered myself cursed.
Listen well my disciples, always think at least 10 times, before thinking once more through, what your life is really about.
Something ordinary as the repetitive cycle of commoners, of general, Emperor, Gods and Immortals, all of them are just a lesser scale, of the order of the very universe we live in.”
I said, lecturing my disciples.
I smiled, seeing them lost.
“Now, it’s time to find Earth…”
I said to myself, taking a step, and disappearing into the vast void…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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