“Hereby We issue an official apology to all the citizens of the Empire.
We apologize if our actions, words, or reactions have caused any inconvenience to the livelihood of Our citizens.
I know rumours of what we’ve said, or done are spreading cross the lands of the Empire, and there is discontent due to it, thus I need to apologize.
As the ruler, We should always take in consideration the whole Empire, when doing anything, be it talking, taking actions, or issuing orders.
Our words were harsh, cold, and heartless, regardless if that is Our opinion or not, on certain subjects, We should’ve been more careful!
We apologize, and We will make sure, that the Empire will flourish under Our ruling!”
The Emperor said, while bowing slightly to the crowd that gathered before the palace.
Everyone burst out in cheers and tears.
“Emperor! Emperor!”, “Long live the Emperor”, and “you did nothing wrong!” chants were heard all over the capital, and soon it will spread across the lands.
In a restaurant, two friends were talking, in a VIP section.
“Bullshit, that cruel Emperor couldn’t care less about what he said. He is a good leader, a good warrior, but regarding normal issues? He’s as cold as Abyssal Ice.”
One of them said.
“Oh, are you sure?”
The other asked.
“Yes! We are both his advisors, do you remember when His parents died? He didn’t shed a tear, casually called them “gone”, and went on to conquer the Uninhabited northern territories in their memory.
I can tell you 100% that His words were bullshit, also rather apparent ones, could’ve worked a bit more on the speech.”
He said.
“Oh, I was the one who wrote the speech.”
The other one answered.
The atmosphere got awkward.
“The Emperor is maimed emotionally, He wanted to apologize and He did. If it comes from His heart, does it matter if He felt it or not?”
The one who wrote the speech asked.
“No…This is already a good sign, that he won’t be a tyrant controlled by His pride.”
The other one answered.
They finished their meal, before going back to work.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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