To Wander

I write these lines, as a message to my descendants, whom I most likely won’t ever meet, while wandering.
Raging seas, where the waves crashed upon each other, with the force of a million explosives.
Forests of untainted stretches of land, where there are creatures that, humans could never imagine.
Deserts of flowing sand, where one needs to travels for weeks, in hope of finding water and companionship, and even then, it might just be a mirage.
Mountain ranges of cold and unfeeling beauty that, showcase the planets resources.
Plains that are, simply unending under one’s gaze, giving the feeling of endlessness, and insignificance of a mortal’s life.
Cities shown and hidden, filled with myriad life-forms, garnering the energy, and luck of an entire planet.
I’ve seen them all.
The rise and fall of civilisations, I’ve witnessed them all.
The rise and fall of races, the struggle of life from a unicellular entity to a complex being that can hope achieving intergalactic presence…I’ve seen them all.
Wandering across the universe, allowed me to see more than entire civilisations could ever record.
Wandering across the civilisations, allowed me to learn more than the universe could teach me.
From mortal to gods, through demons, Eldritch entities, and through creatures that could tear the reality apart, just by breathing, I’ve met, talked, and even connected with some of them.
I am but a wanderer, chosen by the First One to wander.
I’ve been blessed by immortality, and given the chance to experience literally everything…both good and bad.
I’ve never regretted my choice of accepting his offer, nor will I ever regret it.
I write these lines, in hope that my descendants will understand my reasoning.
“Not all those who wander, are lost.” It is said, by a wise man.
These lines can explain my entire life, my goal was always clear, my objectives always attained.
Wandering is a means to an end, not an escape from a state.
Wandering is a life style, to clear one’s mind, to clarify one’s doubts, to enlighten one’s soul, to enrich one’s mind.
I wander not because I am unable to find a place in life that is mine, but because I’ve already found my reason to live.
To wander, is to experience, to search and find, to make mistakes, and sometimes learn from them, but sometimes, just to suffer the consequences.
Those who will read these lines, think before you act, but act before you overthink.
Listen to your instincts, just as much you listen to you confidantes, and your rationality.
Learn to differentiate between the necessary tools one needs to make a decision.
And to wander, is to learn.
My descendants, you will find fellow brethren all across the places I’ve visited, through fate, through rituals, or through love, I’ve left behind inheritances, that might one day, be the pillars supporting not just one civilisation, but all of them.
And, despite the fact, that we might have never met, I am sorry…and I love you all.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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