The Estate’s meaning

“So this is it?”
I thought, as I stopped in front of the humongous gates.
Behind them, a wonderful forest spread out, and somewhere deep in this sea of trees, was the mansion that has been left behind, by my so called “father”.
I rang the bell, and waited.
Soon, an elderly security guard came, and opened the gates.
“You must be young master Allan. Come I will show you the estate.”
He said.
“Thank you.”
I smiled, and allowed him to lead the way.
The road was paved, so it will be easy to come in with the car, but maybe…maybe it would be a waste.
The view was magnificent, as the trees were lined up, almost unnaturally perfectly, there were even small streams and lakes inside the estate’s forest.
“Master loved nature, thus he spent a lot of effort in creating a perfect forest.”
The security guard said, seeing me lost in the view.
“Are there animals as well?”
I asked.
As if an answer to my question, I saw a squirrel jump on the security guard’s shoulder, before leaving.
Birds started singing, and I think I saw some deer running in the distance.
The guard chuckled.
After half an hour of walking, we finally arrived at the mansion.
The mansion itself was rather big.
But first let’s talk about the land around it.
No more trees, but simply spring green grass, and a small lake further away from it.
It was like the trees surrounding it were cleaned, and disposed, as to make the view perfect.
“It’s beautiful.”
I said.
The security guard just nodded.
Back to the mansion’s look, pretty solid structure, build in the American style.
“There are probably like 30 rooms in this mansion”
I said, laughing.
“There are exactly, 36 bedrooms, a study, a library, a meeting room, a dining hall, a kitchen, and 12 bathrooms.”
The guard chimed in.
I sighed.
“Why do I get this?”
I asked.
“Master had no one else left on this Earth, but you, young master.”
The guard said.
“He let me leave 12 years ago, without any help from him, I succeeded in building a career, and a beautiful family…
I called him, during every Christmas, Easter, and on his birthday…he never answered…
Why me?”
I asked silently.
“I served Master for 30 years, before that, we’ve been good friends in High school. He was a man of principles, so when he failed to keep his promise to his wife, he shattered.”
The guard said, sighing.
I whispered, remembering the warm, and beautiful smile she always had when she saw me.
“When young master left, Master fell into thinking. And realised he wasn’t a good father, thus he created this estate.”
The guard said.
“That’s why I didn’t know about this land…”
I said.
“Do you know what the estate is called?”
The guard asked.
I raised an eyebrow.
“The Green Deer Estate.”
He answered with a smile.
I froze.
“Come here little green deer…”
I could hear my mom calling me like that.
I smiled weakly.
“I have bright green eyes, and I was really jumpy as a kid.
My mom used to call me little green deer…”
I started explaining, starting to tear up.
“So he never forgot…”
I said weakly.
“He wasn’t able to forget, so he chose to repent, giving you this as a gift, hoping to make your life easier.
He knew how hard you worked, to become who you are today.”
The guard said opening the mansion’s door.
Welcoming us were 18 maids, a butler, and 2 more security guards.
“Welcome to the Green Deer Mansion, young Master!”
They all said.
I smiled.
“Thanks for the warm welcome…”
I answered.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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