“Always our Queen”

The Elven Empire is stretched across the entire continent, elves being the rulers of it.
Since its size is almost immeasurable, for a proper administration and governing of the land, the elves decided to assign regions to certain tribes to rule over.
Each tribe is ruled by a Queen, while the Empire is ruled by the Empress, who is helped by an Elders Council.
Since the elves are a matriarchal race, the Queens are also considered just a step below the Empress.
This will be the story of how a Queen of an average tribe, started her journey to become the Empress.
During the Lunar Festival of the Empire, Queen Sylvia was preparing for the grand ceremony of the Iuvenis Tribe, a medium sized tribe of the Empire.
“Your Highness, the altar is ready, the ceremony can start.”
A guard notified the queen.
Sylvia just nodded, and exited the beautiful wooden mansion.
She donned the ceremonial attire, and proudly walked towards the altar.
The ceremonial robe, was a silver silken one, engraved with a pale moon, and spring green tree leaves.
She was without makeup, thus her face was almost as pale as the moonlight, her lips were of the brightest red, making a beautiful contrast.
Walking slowly up the stairs that extended from the trees themselves, she arrived in front of the altar, upon which a fruit was placed.
The fruit was the accumulation of the extra life-force gathered by the Tree of Life sapling of the tribe.
By sacrificing it during a full silver-moon, the life-force spreads across the tribe, blessing both the people and the land, with health, and fertility.
Biting one of her fingers, Queen Sylvia wrote the elven rune of “life” on the fruit with her blood, connecting the life-force with both the tribe, and the land, both of which are being represented by her.
The sacrificial ritual was simple, the elves sang the song of the Silver Moon, while Sylvia slowly inserted her mana into the the fruit, dissolving it into small threads of life-force, which combining with the moonlight, slowly are spreading across the territory of the tribe.
Suddenly, the moon went dim, and thunders echoed on a clear night.
Sylvia trembled, and the moon came back, shining the brightest rays on the queen.
Slowly, a half-moon appeared on the forehead of Sylvia.
“The mark of the Empress…”
One of the elders said.
Sylvia wasn’t bothered, she finished the ritual, to ensure prosperity for her people.
Turning around, she saw the entire tribe kneeling.
An elder came up to her.
“You’ve been chosen as an Empress candidate…”
He said.
“I know.”
I will leave after changing.
Sylvia went back to her mansion, changed into spring green travelling robes, took her staff, and a bag filled with supplies, and left.
The entire tribe accompanied her to the border of their territory, except a few warriors that have been left behind to protect the cities, and villages.
“She’s just 30…”
Some people murmured.
Indeed, Sylvia was the youngest Queen in the elven history, and now, the youngest Empress candidate.
The Iuvenis tribe went through a great progress while under her rule, she was kind to everyone, and befriend both nobles, and commoners.
Opened orphanages, and schools for those less fortunate, and personally went to check on the situation of her territory.
It’s been only 8 years since she took the position, but elderly or young, she won their hearts.
“You will be always our Queen!”
The people shouted.
Sylvia just smiled, nodded and left.
The journey will be a long one, akin to a trial, she can’t get help from anyone close to her.
She will need to prove her charm, her charisma, her wits, and strengths, while showcasing her ability to endure, correct or avoid their weaknesses.
It won’t be an easy journey, but the reward will be the chance…the chance to change the entire Empire for better…
And for that, Sylvia is ready to sacrifice her most precious thing, her youth…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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