Fate is such a wonderful mechanism.
It works in ways most mortals can’t even begin to understand, while those who do understand, will start no to care.
Because it’s pointless to care, about something that changes the moment you think about.
I was born as a human farmer, grown into a knight of a knightly order, became an outcast sorcerer when being left with a single breath, and became a god when all hope was already lost.
I can be sure that my fate wasn’t as such at the beginning.
I would’ve married Anne, the daughter of the blacksmith, because I was relatively smart for a farmer, and handsome, thus she fancied me.
She was 3 years older than me, but was kind, cheerful, albeit a bit too straightforward for the common sense of that time.
She was my first wife anyway, but initially, I most likely wouldn’t have even left my village.
But, my fate change the moment I met old man Sirius, a wounded knight, who as a repayment for my saving grace, gave me a pill.
That pill changed my constitution, awakened my innate bloodline, which was the “Tree of Life” bloodline, and embarked me on the path of being a knight.
Due to the rarity of my bloodline, the order that accepted me was that of the Elven Empire, and I was one of the rare humans in it.
After the machinations of a certain elder knight, who was a puritan elf that hated the other races that got the blessing of the “Holy Tree”, I’ve been sent to a high level battlefield, being sent flying by the simple shockwaves of a random skirmish.
While my organs started to fail, and life started to sleep out of me, my bloodline mutated, and took over my human bloodline.
I became a sorcerer of life, a being that was connected to the laws of life, through the bloodline of “Tree of Life”.
Instead of simple bodily strength, and aura enhancement, I got closer to the truth of the world, being able to manipulate certain energies, and laws.
Growing plants, healing wounds, ailments, and diseases, transforming wastelands into flourishing plains, or forests, that were my abilities.
Thus, my fate changed again, now being a respected sorcerer, which I would’ve been for thousands of years, if not for a shift of truth.
A religion blossomed, that preached that all sorcerers are evil, thus I was forced into hiding.
Sorcerers became scarce, people became less involved with nature, with the world, and slowly forgot about magic.
I thought that it wasn’t that bad.
Due to the Church’s tenets, people were kinder, gentler, and wars for the sake of expansion were much rarer.
Sorcerers, witches and different supernatural creatures made their own society in the shadows, and lived a life of uncertainty.
But all was good, for a while.
Peace dulled the spirit of humans, and beasts alike.
The Church’s inquisition, and armies were lax, same with the kingdoms armies as well.
Thus when a rift opened to another world, and an invasion started, nobody was prepared.
Taken by surprise, a quarter of the planet was subdued in less than a week, and our planet’s forces took a heavy hit.
Sorcerers and the creatures of shadow, as they called all of us who were not in the tenets of the Church, emerged from obscurity, banding together with the survivors, and leading the fight.
Summoning, elemental casting, healing, puppeteering, necromancy, astrology, and the many fields of sorcery, magic, and connection with the world itself proved useful against the invaders…alas we were fighting a losing fight.
The enemy had a deity amongst them, with a casual word, making many senior sorcerer’s mind collapse.
Mine as well…as I was dying, fading out, I thought to myself… “So this if life…Just a struggle before death, but death is just another beginning…”
As I thought amusedly such lines, the truth of the world resonated with me, and from a dead man, I became the first god in ages of our planet.
A God of Life and Death.
I healed the wounded, resurrected the recently deceased, and most importantly killed the enemy deity.
After the death of the enemy deity, with my support and powers, we easily fought off the invaders, and after the sacrifice of several older sorcerers, we closed the spatial rift.
Now that I think about it, my fate as a god is ending soon again.
It’s amusing…
Whether I will be ascending a step higher, or descending back to the mortal realm, doesn’t matter.
Fate will decide, and my actions will decide my fate.
Anyway, regardless what is to come, it has been a good run…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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