I really love and hate stereotypes.
Stereotypes are one of the few things that can raise both my curiosity, and anger at the same time.
It’s a wonder how some oversimplified ideas, generalised views about certain activities, regions or even people can spread not just locally, but globally as well.
It’s fascinating to see how easy it is to a simple minded idea to spread amongst us.
I live on a smaller continent called Aletheia, and despite using the name of the Goddess of Truth, we are pretty far away from it.
I am a simple dragon, nothing much going on my life.
Found a nest hidden in the Abyss Mountains, and I spend my days there most of the time, sometimes going outside eradicating monsters, and demons, lest they go to the human kingdoms and wreck-havoc.
Rarely I take on a human form and travel the kingdoms with space magic, to see what goes on in the current age.
And what I hear, always make me chuckle, and at the same time boil in my own anger.
Dwarves, whom I know as valiant warriors, divine craftsman, and slightly crazy fearless bastards, but overall nice race, are taken as some drunken blacksmiths… Simple blacksmiths and craftsmen…when the dwarves know more about the earth we walk on, and the metals that are in it, than any other race besides the Innate Earth gods. (which, more or less usually are born in dwarven form as well.)
Elves, whom are nature’s guardians, they worship life itself, and have this awfully good moon ale, are known as arrogant, and prideful beings, whom do not associate with other races.
And the one which really bothers me, dragons…
Dragons are beings blessed by the world.
I am not cocky, or arrogant, but physically we are just below the titans, while magic wise we are the best.
Our long lives allow us to collect wisdom throughout the ages, which by the way, is the most common hobby between dragons.
We have entire treasuries filled with scrolls, on which we have printed with magic our memories regarding certain knowledge, and information.
We do like a good fight, but we are inherently lazy, so if there is no challenge we won’t go out of our way to do something.
And we have a sense of fairness, since we are strong enough, we usually deal with strong demons, or foreign invaders, before they are even sensed by the other races of the planet we are on at that time.
And yet…YET they describe us as lustful (which isn’t that wrong, but we never force anyone), greedy (which is true again, but we do not steal), hoarders (mostly knowledge, so if you are looking for gold, you should go to the dwarfs), and most importantly EVIL CREATURES?
We can’t properly have a clan meeting without hearing that a faraway cousin, uncle, granduncle or relative died fighting, or died after suffering great wounds, and yet we are the bad guys?
Stereotypes are interesting, as they are partially true, but so angering when you realise that they usually omit certain details.
“Well, oh well, doesn’t really matter, after all, it’s still the humans who have the worst image.”
As I thought that, I changed into my human form, and whistling I went to the closest town, as I had a date…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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