Time Heals Everything?

“Time heals everything…How inaccurate.”
I thought to myself, as I was watching the ducks eat the bread crumbles I’ve fed them.
My therapist uses these words constantly, but I doubt he knows that he’s so wrong.
I looked up at the sky, and it was cloudy…just like my thoughts.
I sighed, stood up, and slowly walked away from the park.
As I walked away, I saw life passing by, represented by the people I saw.
I saw, a teenager couple, a pair with their kids, and old man sighing alone on the bench, a baby in its stroller, with their mom being too focused on talking on their phone.
I chuckled.
“Back in the days, if you talked to your hand, you would be burnt on a stake.”
I thought to myself, my good mood souring, past memories coming back.
I was a … special entity.
I awoke in Antiquity, in the ancient Greece, and was wandering as maid, and mistress to several patriarchs.
Then when they started to be suspicious I didn’t age, I feigned my death, and left the city I lived in, going to other cities.
Slowly, each 10-20 years, I had to “die” in order to live…quite ironic, right?
Those scars accumulated and roughly right at the time of the 1st crusade, I stopped caring, and fell in love with an Italian gentleman.
He was a nobleman, but also kind, and willing to help the town he ruled over.
The town was popular, and wealthy, its scenery, and wineries winning the heart of countless nobles, and even foreign dignitaries.
But it didn’t last long…
After my first child, died of fever, my husband got colder, and suspicious.
Not even a year later, he sold me to a madman an alchemist, and in exchange the alchemist would “revive” our son…
What followed were 5 decades of tortures, abuse both physical and mental, in which the alchemist tried to explain, and replicate my eternal youth, and high regenerative abilities.
I escaped when the alchemist died of a heart attack, mid-“experiment”, I thrown him off me, and leisurely left, after changing into some maid clothes.
After all, the alchemist never told anyone about my existence.
After leaving, for centuries I wandered at the edges of society, in smaller villages, helping in bakeries, farming, and often being an abestetrix or midwife, as known in modern times.
I cared for kids, but that didn’t last long either.
When the witch trials begin it was the mid-1400s, so I enjoyed “peace” for a relatively long time, but at the same time, I’ve grown complacent and made some tours in villages I’ve already visited.
People being paranoid, reported me, and I’ve been chased by the church and villagers alike.
 I’ve hid in forests, and mountains for a few centuries afterwards, becoming friends with several entities that were long lived just like me.
They were the monsters in human history, and folktales, but when I interacted with them, they were nicer, indeed a bit more savage, but more open-minded than humans as well.
When the new land has been discovered, I was on the 2nd boat there, and ever since I’ve been here, on the Northern American continent.
I’ve been through some betrayals, and witch hunts during the years, but since now we are so many on this planet, looking similar is not a death sentence.
I change hairstyle, and colour every few years, while having diplomas in countless fields under different names, is helpful for getting different jobs, thus people can’t recognize me.
I am forever 25, the best years of a woman, yet nothing I do matters, as the ghosts of my past still haunt me.
I know that people changed, and there are trustworthy people out there…but how can I identify them?
How can I ever know, that it’s not a mad scientist, or devout believer that lies underneath a sweet smile?
I am happy that society evolved, and single women aren’t seen as pariahs anymore…
I am done with taking risks, and as I slowly came to terms with my life, I am starting to be happy again…
Maybe time actually heals everything, just bigger wounds need more time, and that’s why I was blessed with immortal life.
I chuckled, as I thought such things.
“Now, back to work, time to help some people earn money.”
I thought, as I walked away, a bit more free, and lighter, after this introspection and nostalgia session.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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