In front of me, there was this mass of rolling, wriggling, twitching cosmic matter, which flickered in and out of different forms.
Sometimes, it was this moving mountain of rolling flesh, with blood seas forming underneath it, and the sound of it crawling, and hurling itself from a position to another echoed through the void, fuelling the legends, and nightmares of countless worlds.
Sometimes, it was this humongous wave of water like substance, crashing from a point in space to another, crumbling time and space as I know it, sending shockwaves that altered the history of many worlds.
Other times, it would be a planet sized mountain, with a cave in it that was moving, yet seemed unmoving.
It would echo with songs of forgotten civilisations, bringing despair, and hope at the same time, to all those who heard it.
And rarely, it was a beautiful woman, or handsome man, that was able to hypnotise one with a simple glance.
A word could shatter one’s mind, and a sentence could make worlds collapse.
I was following this entity for eons past, and sometimes I feel like its jailer, other times I feel like its teacher, babysitter, and sometimes even its husband…
The legends talk about their horror, and terror, but it’s not because these entities are innately evil.
It’s just that their scope of existence is something that not even the deities of the realm could ever begin to fathom.
Birthed by the previous universe and the current universe’s colliding energies, and matter, these entities echo through time and space, connecting, and dabbling in things, nobody who didn’t live through at least 2 cycles could imagine.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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