The intelligent races of the realm always use this word carelessly.
“Animals”, they call those who they think they are lesser than them.
They seem to forget that long ago, in the days when the planet they were born looked way too different, their line of evolution can be tracked to the very first living beings.
These living beings were called animals, and in a way or another, on a theoretical level, even the intelligent races could be considered animals.
Yet now, this word, that was first used just to categorize a certain species of living organisms, became a curse, became something mocked.
“Animals”, they call those who they think aren’t smart enough, or cultured enough, but again, they seem to forget.
Birds have entire sets of mating calls, and dances that can be considered each species culture, while the primates are taking care of each other, often adopting orphaned new born ones.
They might fail to fight for supremacy against the dominant species, but to call them unintelligent, just because the comparison is faulty should be wrong.
And yet “animals” will be most likely forever used, for demeaning others.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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