A Grim Reaper’s Job

The job of a grim reaper is rather monotonous.
One would walk the myriad realms, and reap the souls whose time has passed, for as long as time flows, and matter flourishes.
It’s not that out of ordinary, or hard, as the reaper has a knack of sensing these things.
Reaping the soul, and then guiding it to the Afterlife is rather boring as well.
Most souls aren’t strong enough to remain conscious after the reaping, thus the journey is silent.
It’s a misconception that once the soul leaves the body it’s completely aware, and conscious, because frankly, separating from the body requires a lot of energy, and it is in essence a transformation of a higher grade.
From mortal to eternal, then to mortal again, that is the journey a soul goes through, of course, the mortal status is only temporary, as souls are eternal.
But normal souls do lose their edge after going into the afterlife one too many times, so after a while, not even the grim reaper could tell, if they are the original soul, or they became a new entity.
A grim reaper’s job is rather monotonous.
They would walk the myriad realms, and reap the souls of those whose time has passed.
If they didn’t do that, chaos would ensue, and ghosts, demons, and undead would overrun the mortal realms.
Their job is mocked, and seen as macabre, but they are doing what few could do.
They are impartial, and kind, two traits that are hard to be found in most supernatural beings.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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