A spider’s life

A spider’s life is not short, nor long, but is filled with trials, and suffering.
Once born, it does not only have to fight the elements, but also its own brethren for food, and nutrition, resorting to cannibalism, before dispersing and trying to find their own way in life.
Be it as a spiderling, or a fully grown spider, their life is one that is filled with trials.
Finding a good place to nest for example, is rather hard.
Not only needs to be in a way or other protected from the wrath of Mother Nature, but also in a place where prey is plenty, otherwise the spider might need to move.
Wandering across the lands is nothing to scoff at, as there are plenty of predators, aiming for a spider.
Lizards, birds, other spiders, wasps, centipedes, scorpions or monkeys, all of these species are preying upon the spider, making its life harder, but that’s not even the greatest trial of them all.
Humans are.
From destroying forests, plains, mountains, caves, and other natural places that could house spiders, we also actively try to kill all spiders we see, regardless if they are harmful or harmless.
It’s normal to be afraid of spiders, as they are associated with danger, and painful bites, but still, completely cutting the life-line of a species is rather, harsh.
A spider is born, lives, then dies, just like any other life form, but in a way or another, we humans, make it harder for them.
Oh, but there is no need to worry, humans don’t discriminate, thus they make the life of all wild creatures harder, making sure that the game is still “fair”.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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