Additional notes on the character of the story

Yo there,

I must come with a bit of clarification on why my characters look, behave, the way they do.
So, I don’t know if you’ve read at least the preview on amazon of my book, but long-story short it’s similar to Chinese cultivation novels.
Despite this next bit will be only read by me, because my blog has absolutely no viewership, I still find it necessary to explain why my characters all look rather good/handsome.
Well, as I already mentioned, it’s a cultivation based story, so it’s obvious that cultivating is a basic necessity in the world of the book. (duuh moment.)
If anyone reading this has ever read a light novel, they will know, that cultivating can indeed improve one’s look, aura, behaviour, anything.
But then, there would come with the argument that even in the most popular cultivation novels, there are short, overweight, disfigured and so on characters, and they would be absolutely right.
But my book is just simply like a novel, it’s not a copy paste of them, I used real life logic for some things.
First of all, the power system in the universe the action takes place is mostly body based, more exactly bloodlined based.
Thus, cultivation even if just simple energy cultivation is taken in consideration, is done in order to improve one’s body, cleanse it from impurities, and perfect it.
This way, everyone being tall, handsome, lean, well-built, and other characteristics of athletic nature makes complete sense.
While one might argue, that despite being in human form, they are still beasts, and thus their true existence should influence their appearance.
Example: boars, pigs, cattle and so on tribes, should be on the fat side, and this is a completely sound reasoning, and it is somewhat true.
It’s not that there aren’t overweight, or short, or physically impaired individuals in the universe of the story, it’s simply the fact that they are rarer due to the energy consumption.
They can heal scars, regrow limbs, regenerate neural pathways with the corresponding technique, helping resources, and the right amount of energy, thus why would there be many disfigured, overweight, or out of the ordinary short entities in the book?
The cultivation the people in the book pursue, simplified is the burning of energy to improve the quality of the cells, that’s it.
They ingest energy, and improve their cells, bodies, mind, and soul through purification, refinement and consumption of the energy.
If they are constantly burning energy, how could fat ever build up in their bodies?
Let’s not forget that muscles, high stature are considered signs of strength, or at least diligence in training in this world, so again, why would most people neglect this aspect?
Now, that should pretty much explain why people are tall, and lean or muscular but if not, then long story-short: people in this universe can increase their height through cultivation, and due to the huge consumption of energy, fat building up is almost impossible. (almost, as I said, there are tribes, and even techniques that are inherently making one overly overweight.)
Let’s go to the handsome, good looking, curvaceous and so on characteristics of women, and men of the story.
Same way as with height, and weight, cultivation also improves the looks of a person.
Simply put, the energy contained in each cell is shown, through the impressive, and healthy looks of the body.
Perfect skin, lips, hair, sparkly eyes, perfect voice, perfect posture, and so on, can be attributed to the huge amounts of energy a cultivators body contains.
This energy is generally called life essence, or life force, and its usually called like this due to its correlation to lifespan, but sometimes it’s confused with life essence that can be gathered from the Laws of Life. They are similar but not exactly the same.
Due to this energy, a man will look better, more confident, taller, more imposing, and will even have improved body functions. (going at it for days, weeks isn’t anything out of the ordinary in their universe.)
Same way, a woman will be much more beautiful, gentle, aloof, curvaceous, with the same improved body functions.
Through different cultivation techniques, the looks of people can become even more interesting, eccentric, and attractive.
Heterochromia, different coloured hair, skin, even the traits of one’s body part can change with different techniques. (skin becoming softer, or elastic, hair becoming extensible and so on.)
Now, not all of them look the same, but due to societal consensus regarding what is regarded as “good looks”, if possible most beings will tend to evolve/grow towards more or less the same direction.
For men: Tall, lean, well-built imposing looking men. (Scholarly, gentle looking ones are also considered handsome.)
For women: Tall, lean, gentle or aloof looking curvaceous women. (Straightforward, manly women are also considered as good looking.)
Now, with that out of the way, I have to tell you the reason why they are depicted as such.
Nothing personal in my description, if it would be, then all women would be of average height, gentle, and nerdy looking (overall having average looks), while men would be simply athletic ones as I can’t grasp what anything else, other than athletic looks, could make a man good looking.
The biggest reason is held in the myriad of novels about cultivation, and martial arts that I’ve read.
Handsome, good looking men or beautiful, enchanting, mesmerising women, were all those with perfect bodies, voice, or/and behaviour.
“She’s a fairy, goddess… He’s a god of war, a great general…” these descriptions are often used as metaphors to emphasise how good some characters looks, then the actual details would come as : “tall, perfect skin, soothing voice, curves in the right places…” and so on.
I took these stereotypes, tweaked them a bit, detailed them a bit more, and made them my own style.
The other reason for them being like that is because, this is the WAY.
They have the possibility, not just to increase their height, build dense musculature that would increase their strength but not make them look like meat-towers, heal scars, improve skin texture, health, but also to continuously improve their looks while improving their cultivation stage, while this improvement of “looks” is a passive effect of cultivation.
The only way not to grow taller, not to have a healthier skin, hair and so on, would be to stop cultivating, which would be equal to a death sentence.
Also, let’s not forget that through cultivation, impurities are eliminated, thus body functions become better, more refined, stronger, it’s pretty damn obvious, and necessary for these changes to be shown on the outside as well.
The most average looking ones, would still be a hundred times better looking, than the “most beautiful person” title holding individual from Earth.
I live by the words of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the people in this world, can’t avoid looking extraordinary compared to the looks of those in our world.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

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