Character description: Geness

Yo there,

Today, I will describe Geness, the next character Sophia meets.
Let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.
He’s/She’s the genderless/genderfluid child of Loki birthed from the union of Loki with a Celestial official.
Nobody knows if the official is a woman or a man, nor do they know if Loki was a man or a woman, when they made Geness.
He’s/she’s extremely talented in cultivation, but even more so in politics, and warfare.
He/She is the 2nd in command when taking over the 9 boodlined Beast Realm.
He’s/She’s curious by nature, a great shapeshifter, and a great conman/woman.
Just like Loki, he/she gets bored easily, and tries to have something to do all the time, but here comes a bit of character twist…Geness is also prone to be lazy.
Now about his/her apperance.
He/She has a tall, lean body, with a feminine face, and pale supple skin.
Her/His hair is short and blood red, with eyes of the purest green.
His/Her face is constantly plastered with a teasing smile.
Her/His voice is strong, and deep, while his mannerism is rather gentle.
He/She smells off roses, and fresh morning dew.
One couldn’t tell if they are a woman or a man, as if taken only by looks, and manners, Geness would be a woman, while considering the voice, acts, and manner of speech, Geness would be a man.

That’s it.
Have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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