Character Description: Hurandis

Yo there,

I will now describe Hurandis, another close, almost family member of Sophia’s.
Now, let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.
He’s a 9 pair-winged Colossal Dragon, one of the last of his kind.
He was born under Sophia’s care, and treats her like his mother.
He’s lazy, gluttonous, and never shies away from a fight.
He’s ambition is to help Sophia, and the other family members, while being able to eat a lot.
Now, regarding his appearance.
His true form is that of a 9 pair-winged Colossal Dragon, which he never truly assumed to its full size, as it would be roughly around the size of an Earth sized planet. (this, when he was just at the God King Stage, later on he got even bigger.)
In this dragon form, he has greyish scales, with red lines strikes forming tattoos on his body, with 9 pairs of wings on his back, each of a different colour, or combination of colours, and 2 pitch black horns, with red tattoos on them.
His human form, is an over 5m tall, bulky, young-man, with greyish skin, and red tattoos all across his body, and face.
His hair, is long, and rusty coloured.
His eyes became pure black, almost engulfing when he matured, but sometimes, strikes of red flash through them.
His voice is steely, and low.
He smells of darkness, blood, and metals. (in a tolerable way. Meaning it’s not an overwhelming scent, nor is it a stink, its simply his natural odour.)
He usually wears green robes, with an engraving of a black hole around the sleeves, the sleeves themselves being oversized, like literal blackholes themselves. (the clothes themselves are also oversized, as they can completely cover his body, and muscles.)

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

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