Character Description: Mars

Yo there,

I will describe Mars now, the next character that Sophia meets.
Let’s start with a bit of a backstory.
He’s the heir of the Thunder Roc Tribe, and is one of the top-tier Heaven’s Chosen.
He’s arrogant, likes to gather followers, and flaunt his power, and wealth, but he has the ability to back it up.
He was the best fighter of all of the younger generation of the Avem Continent, and he also went on to fight with the young geniuses of the other continents, and he mostly won.
He’s a battle junkie, which should already be obvious, and he loves making other geniuses his followers.
He’s smart, both book and street smart, but he also is rather emotional, and easily angered.
Now, about his appearance.
He’s extremely tall, robust, and bulky.
He has short spiky, azure blue hair, with yellowish skin, golden eyes, and a strong, loud voice.
He smells like fresh air, and salt.
He usually has an aloof, prideful expression on his face, but as he easily gets angered, he then gets all gloomy, and focused, hell-bent on revenge.
He wears usually red, azure blue, or pure black loose robes.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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