Character Description: Lea

Yo there,

I will describe Lea (nickname for Azalea, but Lea is used most of the time in the story), the next person Sophia meets.
Let’s begin with the backstory.
She’s a ten-tailed divine fox, a strong species of Chaos Beasts, while being the heiress of her tribe, she met Paxum during his first life, and fell in love.
She’s a gentle being, filled with warmth, and is an amazing businesswoman, making her tribe one of the richest ones in the realm by herself.
She’s also strong willed, and would do anything for her loved ones.
Now, about her appearance.
She’s tall, and lean, with a perfectly shaped body, being beautiful beyond imagination.
Her hair is long reaching down to her hips, healthy and rich being of an auburn colour, her skin extremely pale, making a strong contrast.
Her voice is a bit weak, but sweet, and enchanting.
She smells off roses, and pumpkin.
She always sits with her back perfectly straight, and has a dignified, noble aura around her.
She usually wears, red or brown dresses, robes, or suits.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day, as you wished for.

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