Character Description: Bigna and Gemini

Yo there,

I will describe Bigna, and Gemini, the twins that Sophia meets on her journey.
Now, for a bit of a backstory.
They are the twin sisters of Ebur, all of them being treated by Sophia as her own kids.
The twin sisters, were actually reincarnated beings, that once were ruling certain areas of a top-tier immortal realm.
They were experts of the Death and Life Laws, being cruel, and merciless researches, committing unbelievable atrocities just to further their own understanding of Life, and Death.
They were besieged by several righteous factions, alongside with another realm’s entire forces, before being taken down.
They reincarnated into the twin sisters, as they themselves were twins in their previous lives.
Now, about their appearances.
Both of them were beauties.
They were tall, with long, silky pure white hair, palest skins, and pale blue eyes, with curvaceous bodies.
Bigna’s hair had a tinge of black on the left side, while Gemini’s on the right side.
Their voices were sweet, mellow, melodious, gentle, soothing and enchanting.
They usually wore opposite coloured dresses, and robes, if Gemini wore black, Bigna wore white.
They smelled off freshness as well. (due to their bloodline.)
Albeit, they were quite mischievous, scheming, and without a proper moral compass, and despite killing their own brother, and trying to kill Sophia as well, Sophia deep down, still loves them.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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