Character Description: Ceti

Yo there,

I will now describe Ceti, the next person Sophia meets.
She is the wife of Iuvenor, and mother of Lily.
She is a pure-blooded Draconic Whale, and is the heiress of the Draconic Whale Tribe in this realm, not just on the Ancestral Beast Planet.
She’s gentle, well-behaved, educated in the mannerisms of a noble woman, and is a highly talented diplomat.
She is strong as well, being a general of her tribe that successfully led the defences of her tribe against invaders quite a few times, before meeting Iuvenor, and settling down.
Now, regarding her appearance.
She is tall, around 1.9 almost 2m, with pale white supple skin, and a curvaceous body.
She has long wavy golden hair, with emerald green eyes.
Her voice is gentle, and filled with warmth.
She usually smells like the fresh ocean fragrance, coupled with strong condiment smells, as she usually helps around the kitchen, food being one of her obsessions.
She wears yellow, and azure blue dresses most of the time, but sometimes wears different colours as well.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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