Character Description: Lily

Yo there,

I will describe Lily, the next person Sophia met on her journey.
Let’s start with the backstory.
She’s the daughter of Iuvenor, and Ceti, and is a Draconic Whale with signs of awakening a Tree of Life related bloodline as well.
She’s rather mischievous, naïve, and childish, after all she’s rather young, when she first met Sophia she was around 16 years old.
She’s probably the most talented being that Sophia ever met, even if she didn’t know this.
Lily without training a day in her life properly achieved early 3rd stage, by her 15th birthday, which should be a feat almost impossible, as she didn’t even chose a cultivation technique, as she used only the basic breathing techniques of her family, coupled with her devouring bloodline power which came from her Draconic Whale bloodline.
If she trained properly, she would’ve been a peak God Emperor staged practitioner by the time she was 16, and that too, with a proper, solid foundation. (These are the perks of being born in a family like Treanor’s. Resources being almost endless, and of upmost quality.)
Now, let’s go and talk about her appearance.
She had long blonde hair, with pale skin, and silvery eyes.
She is rather tall, around 1.8m (she was still growing), with a lean build, above average looks, already starting to have the curves, in the right places, she will certainly be a beauty when she grows up. (at beasts “grows up” can mean thousands of years if not more.)
She usually wears purple, or red dresses, rarely wearing black, or green coloured clothing.
Her voice was sweet, a bit high-pitched.
She smelled of roses, dew, and salty water.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

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