Character Description: Iuvenor

Yo there,

I will describe Iuvenor, the next character Sophia meets on her journey.
Let’s begin with the backstory.
Iuvenor is the son of Treanor and Big Sis, being holder of an extremely pure plant, and draconic bloodline.
As species, he is recognised as an Draconic Life Tree, possessing the vitality of both a dragon, and a Life Tree, being essentially immortal even if he didn’t cultivate at all.
In the last dozen or so realm cycles (time needed for an universe to arrive at its end point, and experience a “trial” which if passed it survives, if failed the universe collapses.), he is the leader of the family, taking care of countless business that Treanor has established, or has gotten as gifts all across the multi-verse.
He’s rather chill, calculative, scheming, but laid-back, all he wishes for is that his family has an enjoyable life.
He’s a master of chess, and business.
Now, about his appearance.
He’s rather tall, standing proud at 2.54m tall, with short, spiky spring green hair, azure blue eyes, and sharp features.
His skin is rather sandy, but on the paler side.
He has a deep, penetrating voice, which exudes authority.
He smells like fresh ashen forests.
He usually wears green, or grey robes, sometimes wearing black suits as well.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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