Character Description: Big Sis

Yo there,

I will describe Big Sis, the next character Sophia meets on her journey.
A bit of a backstory now.
She’s the wife of Treanor, and is an enormously powerful True Dragon of unknown attributes.
Sophia always guessed that she might be either a Chaos True Dragon, World Ending True Dragon, or a War True Dragon, but the fact is that Big Sis (her real name wasn’t used in the story, and won’t be used, due to Sophia’s tendency to use nicknames), is actually a variant True Dragon, which is attributeless.
She is able to harness different law powers she understood, but her only affinity is towards the laws of strength, and evolution, making her body one of the strongest in this area of the multi-verse they reside.
She used to be the daughter of a certain Dragon King, in a quasi-primordial dragon realm, but she was banished by her own siblings, when they found out she’s attributeless.
She then trained, and trained, until she completely conquered several realms, using only her body’s strength.
When her parents heard of her feats, they invited her back thinking she will feel flattered, but she simply killed all her siblings, and beat up her father, taking over the dragon tribe.
When warring against another realm, she met with Treanor, who was simply spectating the war, and treating/repairing several planets that were used as battlefields.
They fell in love, and ever since, she spends most of her time with Treanor.
Now, let’s go and talk a bit about her appearance.
She’s the tallest of the family, being almost 3m tall, with long fire like red hair, and dark green eyes, with a slightly pale sandy skin.
Her voice was strong, but soothing, she smelled of metallic, sweet sulphur, combined with the fresh smell of morning dew, and forests. (this sulphur actually smelt strong, but not bad, don’t think of rotten eggs when reading about Big Sis.)
She was well-endowed, with rather big breasts, long legs, and a well-shaped bottom.
She usually wore relaxed, but revealing clothes, in black, red, or white.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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