Character Description: Sirius

Yo there,

I will describe now Sirius, the next character Sophia meets on her journey.
Let’s start with a little bit of a backstory.
Regardless of what Sophia knows in the story, Sirius is actually a Heaven Devouring Moon Howling Devil Wolf variant, that is extremely leaning towards the Laws of Death, Darkness, and Devouring.
He was originally the young crown prince of a quasi-divine ranked empire, in an immortal top-tier upper realm. (immortal realms are the most complex realms out there. Despite being certainly held under the jurisdiction of the Primordial Immortal Realm, a lot of them are jointly controlled by several races, and not just Immortal Families or Sects.)
Alas, he was almost assassinated when visiting a neighbouring empire, and that is when, he was saved by the travelling Treanor, and his wife.
Ever since, he’s following by Treanor’s side as a butler, helper, and sometimes as an assassin, dealing with what, his liege’s family shouldn’t be associated with.
He’s a silent, calculated, and cold individual, but possesses an extreme amount of loyalty, and protectiveness.
Now, that’s about it, at least regarding his backstory, onto the appearance description.
He’s rather tall, over 2.1m tall, with long pitch black hair, dark brown eyes, and a pale greyish skin.
He has sharp features, with a rather low, and hoarse voice, he himself being naturally intimidating, and ferocious.
He has an unique smell of metallic apple around him.
He usually wears a black, or grey suit.

That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

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