Character Description: Treanor

Yo there,

I will describe the next character we meet in my story: Treanor, or Old Tree (how friends call him).
Treanor is the first character that Sophia meets when she arrives in another universe.
First, I shall start with a little bit of a backstory.
He is one of the first sentient beings in this realm.
He lied about his age to Sophia, as he literally is almost as old as the realm, being awakened by The Wanderer, in the early stages of creation, when Treanor was just a sapling.
He is a Life Tree indeed, but a mutated one, being a World Tree, and a Chaos Tree as well, being able to support entire realms.
He is a friendly, and pacifist individual, but he has no qualms in seeing violence, massacres, and even genocide, so don’t think of him as a pushover.
He is a Life God, and is considered as one of the very first Life Gods in this realm, being respected by each orthodox Life Law practitioner.
He has a vast array of friends that owe him favours, and despite not being actively involved in the plot of the story, he is one of the reasons why Sophia can more or less travel unhindered.
Treanor has a wife, a kid, a daughter in law, and a granddaughter, alongside with a butler, and several servants, this being considered as his closest entourage. (none of them is weak)
You can consider Treanor as a bystander, that helps those that come to him, but can equally ignore those who don’t ask for his favours.
This is enough as a backstory, his travels, adventures, and other feats would be an entire different story, and a whole different book or even books.
Now, let’s begin describing how he looks.
He’s tall, and young looking, with long, silky white hair, and bright skin.
His eyes are brownish, with green, and his voice is strong, but youthful, full of vigour.
He smells like fresh, forest air.
This was his human form, his true form is never revealed in the book, but he’s a humongous tree, with brown, and black bark, and spring green, and grey leaves, that cover an entire galaxy.
His choice of clothing is usually, white, grey, or green robes.

That’s it for now.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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