Character Description: Omni

Yo there,

I will now describe, Omni, the book artefact of Sophia’s, that’s her soulbound “weapon” as well, as her guide, and helper.
First off, let’s begin with a bit of a backstory.
Omni is an artefact created by our universe through combining law fragments, and melting them, before heating them up until they become gaseous.
The moment the laws became gaseous, they are bound to the fate of the chosen one, and they transform into the proper shape, and state of existence, be it corporal or ethereal. (cheat system are created through this procedure, and yes, law fragments are tangible after they reach a certain point of density, quality, and quantity.)
Omni’s form as a book, was dictated by Sophia’s soul’s affinity towards books.
Omni’s spirit, and consciousness identifies as a young male, who is strict, detail orientated, with a desire to prove not just himself, but also help Sophia to prove herself.
He’s a tad bit of a perfectionist, and will probably anger Sophia almost to death one day with his nagging.
He was created to help Sophia roam freely any realm she finds herself in, thus his powers are as follows: connecting with a realm’s core, and connecting with the laws of any given realm.
He’s also able to shield Sophia from fate’s threads, that’s how the situation where Sophia is “outside” fate happens, and that’s why she’s being able to find fortune spots easily, as they aren’t shrouded, and hidden from her.
As a physical form, Omni has only his artefact, book form, as he said that if he ever took on a humanoid form, he might just leave Sophia, and do her job instead of her, and that would go against the reason of his very existence.
His voice is youthful, but nagging, and stern.
His book form is rather exquisite, being a book, or rather a grimoire, fully golden, with red, and azure linings on it, and several engravings.
One of the most glaring engravings is one of the infinity symbol.

That’s it for now.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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