Character Description: Sophia Thenerva

Yo there,

I will describe now Sophia’s character, hopefully allowing some of you to understand her a bit better.
Let’s start with a bit of a backstory.
Good parents, with decent jobs: father an accountant, mother a policewoman, but loving, and caring, she never lacked a thing as a kid.
Grandparents doting, they owned a private library, that also worked as a public one, albeit with much stricter rules.
She grew up loving books, and stories, being often lost in her own world, which led to the only problematic part of her life: she was an introvert, and airhead.
Luckily she loved studying, so she was always top of her class, but her social skills had negative values, but she wanted to try having a normal social life, thus she read a lot of books regarding psychology, and a lot of rom-com, comedy, slice-of-life, biography books to learn from examples.
This made it only worse, as she realised she shouldn’t need to try hard, just to get along with people.
She was taught to be respectful, kind, helpful, and if possible even a bit too friendly, and yet she had no friends to speak of, other than her books.
This changed in Highschool, where she was adopted by an overly extrovert individual, who later on became her boyfriend, then fiancée, then “pimp”.
She was sold by her own fiancée to his greasy middle-aged boss, in exchange of a better position in his company.
Even before, she was quite detached from reality, but afterwards… she became completely otherworldly.
She started working at her grandparents library, and she was cheerful, and friendly with all the neighbours, and all the customers, but that was it, and it was all pretense.
Her free time consisted in taking care of the library, spending some time with her grandparents, and reading.
Her view of relationships with others got completely broken, and she behaved like she was simply controlling a game character when interacting with others. (she played a lot of simulation games, to “learn” how to interact with people.)
After being sent by Omni to the 9 Bloodlined Beast Realm, she was freer and happier, but still tried to be completely detached, as she knew she will get hurt.
She is aware of the tropes in a novel, and she is looking forward to seeing them, as she already dealt with such situations an infinite amount of times, when imagining stuff like this.
Overall, she’s a good person, that’s broken, but is slowly mending herself while enjoying the supranatural life, she always wished for.
Now, with the backstory done, all that remains is describing her looks.
There are two looks for Sophia, respectively how she looked on Earth, and how she looks in the 9 Bloodlined Beast Realm.
On Earth she was a cute, average looking girl, with long blonde hair, spring green eyes, tinted with a bit of brown.
Pale skin, average sized breasts, short legs, because she wasn’t that tall on Earth either, standing at 1,7m tall.
In the other realm, she became ethereal, with long silver hair, that was tinted with purple lines.
Her eyes were golden, with sparks in them, palest skin, long legs, perky breasts, and she was tall.
At first she was almost 2m tall, but through training she was continuously growing, her entire build getting leaner, more defined, and much more attractive.
She wasn’t building muscles like bodybuilders, but rather making them denser, and much more compact.
Her voice is usually mellow, and sweet, with a strength contained in it, but she can alter it however she wishes to.
She has this fragrance of new, and old books, alongside with fresh morning roses around her.
She looked like a fit, sporty fairy goddess, that had an aloof aura about her.
Her choice of clothing is varied, but it’s usually violet, spring green, red, or green robes, dresses, that are exquisite yet easy to move in, and all of them are sewed by herself.
But never expect her to look the same, this is her default look, but she can always change her build, her face, her gender, her race, her species, whatever she pleases. (it’s quite rare actually to be able to shapeshift in anything, but she can do it, due to her cultivation path)

That’s about it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

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