Clarifications about the Divine Resources

Hello there earthlings,

There are several details that I need to clarify, regarding the Divine Resources I’ve described.
First of all, each resource besides their innate attributes, contains a huge amount of energy, thus being able to elevate one’s energy cultivation, or if the consumer choses to, to elevate one’s body status.
Then, I talk about them casually, but each of them is extremely rare, and fought after. (there were literal intergalactic wars for the Undying Wood Heart)
Also, these are the basic Divine Resources (basic as in the “common” ones, they are still one in a trillion rare, but these can be found more often), other than these, each resource has its variations, that can occur due to a reason or another.
Also, the elemental resources that we’ve talked about, also have countless variations. (example: if we have water divine resources then we also have: rain, mist, ice divine resources and so on)
And now, about something weirder, I always mention “consume” this or that resource.
With this I mean, to absorb them, and how could one absorb things life flames, winds, metals, and so on?
There are different methods to it, but with most resources, a prolonged time, special materials, and a cultivation technique good enough would be needed to absorb different elements. (Cultivation techniques are also ranked, and a certain rank is needed to be able to absorb Divine Resources).
And now, why is this so important? Why are these resources consumed?
Because they change the elements you naturally possess.
There is one way to completely change the nature of your element, from the normal, average one, to an unique one: and that is through “consuming” an unique elemental resource.
Those with water laws proficiency, can create water out of nowhere, but that water is normal, maybe changed in nature by energy, but overall average.
But, if this practitioner consumed the Primordial Yin Water, the water created and used by them, will be Primordial Yin Water.
The same applies for all the other elements.
Note: indeed techniques can create different variations of the same element, even mimicking naturally occurring Divine Resources, but to complete these techniques, the consumption of such Divine Resources is a requirement.
That’s it.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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