Wind Divine resources ranking

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will describe the top 10 Wind Divine resources ranking, in this realm.
Let’s begin.
At the 10th Rank, we have the Magnetic Winds, which are formed in the high magnetic mountains.
These winds have strong magnetic properties, along with high speeds due to the great, and quick changes between the air pressure of the peaks, and platforms.
Those that consume these Winds, are able to gain their magnetic properties, while also gaining a higher control over their techniques, and affinity towards the Wind Laws.
To catch these winds, one needs a pure concentration of metals surrounding them, the winds will be attracted to this concentration, allowing one to slowly absorb the winds.
At the 9th Rank, we have the Inferno Winds, which are formed in areas where the fire essence is rich, and flames burn all year round.
These winds have fiery, and fire like properties, and are tenacious, being a great danger for forests, and cities.
They are rather rare, and hard to catch, due to their tenacity, and fieriness.
Those that consume these winds, can obtain their properties, alongside with a cleansing of impurities, enhancement of body foundation, and acquiring flames that are almost impossible to extinguish.
Collecting these winds is rather “simple”, as it only needs firewood, which can attract the winds, after which, one can start absorbing the winds that are attracted to the firewood.
At the 8th Rank, we have the Deep Abyss Winds, which are formed when a rift to the Abyss is created, and the air from the Abyss starts to spread out.
These winds have a ghostly nature, easily being able to blow at the soul of beings directly, thus killing unseen.
Those that consume these winds, are able to shift between their physical body, and ghostly body, being able to attack their opponents soul directly.
These winds are the best to be used on someone who also has a Darkness affinity, becoming the perfect assassin.
The winds are considered rather rare, as they usually are captured by Abyss experts, after the rift is formed, and their absorption method is rather unique, as it needs a materialised soul to absorb it directly.
At the 7th Rank, we have the Freezing Winds, which are formed in all year round cold regions which posses ice mountains, of at least a million years old.
These winds have properties of yin attributes, and endurance.
Those who consume these winds, not only gain the freezing traits of the winds, but also gain an overall raise in their endurance, and immunity towards extreme colds.
For the absorption of this wind, one needs to sit naked, and slowly absorb the Freezing Winds, that blow through them.
At the 6th Rank, we have the Wailing Winds, which are formed in regions heavily affected by death, mourning, and suffering, for a long period of time.
These winds, are Darkness attributed, and sound like the wailing of those in great suffering, weakening ones focus, and willpower, while also being able to corrode one’s body.
Those that consume these winds, gain the wind’s traits, and they get an increased affinity towards the Wind Laws.
The absorption of these winds is rather simple, the cheerier someone is, more these winds will start attacking them, thus making it easier to absorb.
At the 5th Rank, we have the Melodic Winds, which are formed in areas where the laws of music are abundant enough, to soak the winds blowing there.
These winds sound like a melodic hum, sometimes low, sometimes high, and are able to enhance different attributes of people, or attack them with sharp, fast winds. (the sounds are made through vibration, thus if the vibration’s frequency is high enough, it can effect the sharpness, and speed of the wind, even more than the pressure difference itself)
Those that consume these winds, gain the traits of the winds, while gaining affinity towards the Laws of Wind, Music, and Sound.
To consume this winds, one needs to intentionally hum in the opposite rhythm, of the rhythm of the winds, this act will attract more and more wind gusts, making it easier to have a chance of absorption.
As the 4th Ranked Wind, we have the Poisonous Winds, which are formed about highly toxic, and poisonous regions.
These winds are highly poisonous, being able to penetrate one’s body even when completely being covered up.
Those that consume these winds gains their properties, while gaining also an immunity against most poisons below the Divine Rank.
The gathering process for these winds is simple, one just needs to find a place where these winds blow, and use a cultivation technique to absorb them.
As the 3rd Ranked Wind, we have the Death Winds, which are found in regions where Death Essence is abundant.
These winds can slowly, but surely wither one’s lifespan away, being no different in magnitude, and appearance from normal winds, thus being perfect silent killers.
Those who consume these winds, can use the winds properties along with their techniques, thus being much more deadly, than how they seem on the surface.
Gathering these winds are rather troublesome, as one needs to be in a fake-death state, and allow the wind to completely enter one’s body, after which, one needs to quickly regain their vitality, and entrap the winds with vitality, and energy, and slowly make the wind their own.
As the 2nd Ranked Wind, we have the Still Winds, which are formed in places where everything reaches an equilibrium. (pressure, laws, elemental essences, time, space, everything is at its most optimal state)
These winds are invisible most of the time, but when touched they move at speeds faster than the speed of light, moving mountains, shattering space and time.
Those than consume these winds, are able to achieve immortality, and gain increased affinity in all the laws.
There are no records of anyone consuming these winds, and there are thus no records on how to gather them.
And now, as the 1st Ranked Wind, we have the 9th Heavens Winds, which are formed in the exosphere, at the border between the atmosphere and outer space.
These winds are close to being spatial in nature, thus being able to blow through anything, being the fastest, most berserk winds in the realms.
Those that consume these winds, have their bodies completely rebuilt and perfected, while their affinities towards the Laws of Wind, and Space increase.
The gathering method of these winds is rather straightforward, one needs to endure the blows of these winds for a prolonged time, and to use a technique to absorb them. (these winds are able to instantly pulverize anyone with a body below God King level)
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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