Earth Divine resources ranking

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will describe the top 10 Earth Divine resources, that exist in this realm.
These resources are simply earth essence (different types of soil), that has a special attribute, or trait, while containing more energy, than the average soil.
Let’s begin.
At the 10th Rank, we have the Heavy Earth, which is formed in places where for a reason, or another, the gravity is stronger several dozen times, than on the other parts of the planet.
This way, the earth essence is condensed, and purified, becoming way harder, and heavier than normal earth.
One handful of Heavy Earth, can equal a planet’s worth of Spiritual Earth (which is ranked 100th)
Those that consume Heavy Earth, have a denser body, thus higher endurance, and resistance, while also having an increased affinity towards the Earth Laws.
The consumption process is quite lengthy, as it’s hard to absorb it due to its density.
At the 9th Rank, we have the Blood Earth, which is formed in places where an unimaginable amount of blood has been spilled, transforming the soil, into a soil of vengeance, and bloodthirstiness.
The ones consuming this Blood Earth, will gain a new body, much more adaptable, and geared towards battle, and war.
Their techniques will become sharper, their potential higher, and affinity towards the laws better, but they pay a high price: their sanity.
Those with weak wills, are quickly consumed by the vengeful aura of the Blood Earth.
At the 8th Rank, we have the Transformation Earth, which is formed in places where the myriad races have passed millennia. ( example: capital of an intergalactic empire: countless races living upon the land for ages, thus giving birth to the Transformation Earth).
Transformation Earth, is an earth essence, which caters to the needs of its consumer, being able to fill in missing parts of any structure, that including one’s body, and soul.
This property is giving to it, by the aura, and indirect worship given to the soil by the inhabitants of such lands, and since the requirements are harsh, it’s quite normal that the effects are so good.
It’s a gentle resource, easily absorbable, being able to give one a perfected foundation, and also giving the users earth techniques, an adaptable, almost flawless structure, and trait.
Transformation Earth, can mimic to a 30-40% degree, almost all the other Divine Resources.
At the 7th Rank, we have the Death Earth, which is formed in places where death essence gathers continuously, like graveyards, battlefields, and cataclysm hit places.
The Death Earth, has a curse attribute to it, weakening anything that it touches, thus it’s a top-tier material for traps, but also border fortresses, as it weakens even attacks that touch upon it.
Those who consume it, will have these attributes applied to their techniques, while also having a closer understanding of Death, and Earth Laws.
Albeit, it’s not giving boosts to foundation, or towards perfecting the body, it’s seen as an important asset during wars, and skirmishes, while unfortunately, being relatively easy to be found.
At the 6th Rank, we have the Star Earth, which is formed after a falling part of a star has been corroded by nature, or by time, and combined with the soil it landed on.
This Earth, has high levels of density, magnetism, and energy.
Those that consume Star Earth, will be able to gain a sturdy body, and foundation, a new understanding of magnetism, and Earth Laws, and those perceptive may even gain insights into the Star Laws.
But this Earth is stubborn, it’s hard to absorb without helping materials, like: Meteorite Dust (a plant grown in meteorite craters), or Star Grass Stalk (Grass that grows solely through absorption of Star Essence, making it grow slowly, but having pure Star Essence)
At the 5th Rank, we have the Volcanic Earth, which is formed around super-volcanoes, but only the oldest soil exposed to the volcanic elements is considered Volcanic Earth.
This Earth is flammable, yet heavy, often being used in wars.
Those that consume this Earth, will have their techniques improved with the Earth’s traits, while also gaining insights into Fire, Lava, Earth Laws.
This resource is rather rare, but can be artificially created, albeit it’s weaker than the natural one.
It is rather simple to be consumed, but one mistake, and your whole being can explode.
At the 4th Rank, we have Lightning Earth, which is formed in places where the soil absorbed huge amounts of lightning essence. (usually not just by being hit by Lightning, but also absorbing lightning essence that gathered in such a quantity, it formed pools, thus being named Lightning Pools)
Those that consume Lightning Earth, will have their body perfected, techniques improved with lightning elements, and their affinities towards Earth, and Lightning Laws increased.
It is rather hard to be consumed, as it’s dense, and heavy, due to the earth element, while wild, and uncontrollable due to the lightning element.
As the 3rd Ranked Resource, we have the Negative Earth, which is formed in attributeless regions, in which no laws are present.
These regions are rare, and are characterised by their lack of laws, and presenting only a slightly higher quantity, and quality of energy in the air.
The Negative Earth, is able to negate any attacks that are done by using the laws. (relative to the strength of the user)
As the Negative Earth loses it’s traits after being too long in an attributed region, it can be absorbed only in an attributeless region.
Those that consume Negative Earth, can negate certain attacks, all depending on their understanding, and overall strength, but other than energy cultivation boost, and this negation, no other benefits are given by the Negative Earth.
As the 2nd Ranked Resource, we have the Infinite Earth, which is formed in a place, where Time and Space collide in a way which causes the dilatation of both of them. (It’s extremely rare for the collision of Space and Time to cause the stretching of both of them, usually it’s either an implosion, black hole creation, space tearing, or time anomaly that is caused by the collision)
This Earth is formed due to the shocks that are sent through the realm, and soil reaching somehow into the centre of the collision. (which makes it all the more rarer)
Those who are lucky to consume Infinite Earth, become flawless immortals (reach Null Stage in a jump), and also gain the ability to continuously create soil, and cast their Earth element techniques.
Although, there hasn’t been anyone who successfully consumes Infinite Earth. (there has been fourteen cases of trials, but all ended in the death of the tester, and the destruction of the planet they were on)
And now, as the 1st Ranked Divine Earth Resource, we have the Mother Earth, which was created at the beginning of creation.
Its properties are that of nurturing, creating, and protecting.
Those that consume Mother Earth, are able to not only grow herbs, and plants much faster than normally, but also bring back to life dead plants, and if enough understanding is achieved, even dead being can be resurrected.
It’s hard to be found as it’s scattered across the realms, and already fused into countless other types of soil, but it’s gentle in nature, so it’s rather easy to absorb.
That’s it, until next time, have a nice day.

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