Fire Divine Resources Ranking

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will describe the top 10 Fire Divine resources that can be found in this realm.
These fires are simply fire essences of different, extraordinary natures, that are birthed by specific circumstances.
Each of these resources are able to give different benefits, but they all hold the same benefit of energy cultivation enhancement, and Fire Law understanding increase.
Now, let’s begin.
At the 10th Rank, we have the Earth Flames, which is a flame birthed in the depths of a planet, or a super-volcano, for thousands, and hundred of thousands of years.
These flames are hotter than mortal flames, but are rather gentle, due to them being slowly natured by the flames inside the planet/volcano.
The ones who consume this flame, can further improve their foundation, purify their bodies from impurities, while also gaining a better quality flame to use in their techniques.
The degree of difficulty is rather moderate when it comes to its consumption, as experts who are aware of the existence of such resources, are usually able to more or less prepare for the consumption of them.
At the 9th Rank, we have the Poisonous Flames, which are birthed by the constant burning of different poisonous, toxic elements, be it herbs, ores or living beings.
It often found in volcanic swamps, and is highly irritable, being a wild flame, possessing a slight spirituality, probably passed on on it, by the creatures that died to it.
The flames themselves wouldn’t pose a great danger, as it would be hard to be poisoned directly by them, and their temperature is rather average, compared to other flames on this list.
But, anything being burnt by these flames, results in a highly toxic fume, that spreads rapidly.
Those that consume this flame, gain the flames poisonous properties, and also become immune to most poisons under the Divine rank.
At the 8th Rank, we have the Lightning Flames. which are birthed in places of dense fire essence, which are blasted year round by lightning strikes, that are not too strong, nor too weak, thus imbuing the flames birthed by the fire essence, with lightning attributes.
These flames allow the one who consumed them, to possess flames that also have lightning imbued in them, thus having lightning like properties as well, while also increasing one’s affinity towards the Fire, and Lightning Flames, and enhancing one’s physique.
They are rather rare, as the conditions required for their birth are rather harsh, and way too specific.
At the 7th Rank, we have the Icy Deep Flames, which are birthed in barren, cold canyons of tundra, moons, and generally extremely cold places.
They are born from the combination of perpetual cold, and the flames that sparked from different sources.
These flames are freezingly cold, easily being able to freeze common flames, or flames outside the top 10 ranking, yet they look, and behave like flames.
Those that consume this flame, gain the flames property of freezing, while getting a resistance against cold, and improved fire, and ice affinities.
They are rather hard, and dangerous to find, while also needing yang attributed supplements, when absorbing, lest the consumer freezes themselves to death.
At the 6th Rank, we have the Moon Flames, which are birthed by the combination of fire essences, and moon essences.
Volcanoes, surface lava rivers, and rich flame essence environments are places where these flames can be born.
Those that consume these flames, gain the ability to gather moon essence to feed, and upgrade these flames.
Also, their affinity towards moon laws, and yin laws is increased exponentially.
These flames, are rarer than most.
At the 5th Rank, we have the Phoenix Flames, which are birthed by Divine Phoenixes.
These flames innately belong to Phoenixes, but when a strong Phoenix expert dies, the flames can be left behind by them, due to the innate rebirth property of the Phoenix flames.
They are hard to find, especially since Phoenixes are constantly looking for them, while they are also harder to keep, as the Phoenix race sees it as an aggression for a non-Phoenix to use these flames.
The flames give the possessor strong regenerative abilities, affinity towards Fire Laws, and most importantly, a flawless, pure body, after the first rebirth.
Each individual can bear a different number of rebirths, each rebirth perfecting, and enhancing one’s potential, foundation, and strength.
The 4th Ranked Flames, are the Dragon Flames, which are birthed by Divine Dragons.
These flames, innately belong to the Dragons, but when a strong Dragon expert dies, the flames can be left behind, due to their innate strength, and eternal attribute. (The Eternal attribute of the Dragon Flames is something more of a legend, as it is said, that the flames of the Ancestor Dragon, are inextinguishable, forever burning)
The flames give the possessor, high endurance, extreme affinity toward Fire Laws, divine strength, and a divine body, after being tempered by the flame. (Dragons often bathe in their own flames, to strengthen their bodies)
As the 3rd Ranked Flames, we have the Devouring Flames, which are flames birthed after the death of a black hole. (Death of a black hole is an uncategorised phenomenon, nobody really knows what happens, but there is a huge explosion, after which the black hole disappears, and leaves behind the Devouring Flames. The whole space-time in the area surrounding the black hole is in chaos, so studying it is impossible. A witness tells that the black hole’s gravity starts to increase exponentially, until the black hole becomes the size of a dust particle, but it’s gravitational pull’s range is a thousand times bigger than previously. Then after a time, it explodes with a tremendous force that is visible contained by the former black hole’s gravity, and all that remains after even space-and-time is shaken, is the flame. Although the recounting is detailed, sadly there have been black hole deaths that were way too different, thus this story can’t be used as an explanation on how, these flames appear.)
The Devouring Flames contain the same ability as a real black hole, being able to devour anything, possessing such a strong gravity, that even time is slowed down around them.
These flames are the most dangerous ones, as one needs a steady control over Space, Time, and Fire Laws, to properly contain them, while their absorption needs to be done very slowly, in segments, with plenty of energy replenishing supplies, as there is the danger that the flames may devour the entirety of one’s energy reserves, then devour the individual itself.
As the 2nd Ranked Flames, we have the Sun Flames, which are flames birthed by the core of different stars.
These flames are rumoured to be the purest ones, and are known to give flawless bodies, foundations to the one’s that possess them, while also being one of the best soul protecting methods. (the flames wrapped around the soul, can ward off evil intents, and attacks)
They are born, over countless years, and they are almost unbearable to average experts, so they are considered very rare.
Without a high affinity, and understanding of Fire Laws, it’s pointless to try, and collect them.
And now, as the 1st Ranked Flames, we have the Primordial Yang Flames, the flames birthed at the creation of the realm.
They are the flames, that popped into being, after the explosion that started the expansion of the realm, and they are the hottest, and wildest flames.
Being scattered across the realm, by the initial explosion, they are hard to find, especially since these flames could’ve created stars by burning off space matter, and increasing in size.
The rare ones who found such flames, found them in “stars”, which were actually the flames themselves, grown to unimaginable sizes.
The ones who succeed in absorbing these flames, can achieve the peak of Fire Laws, and even Yang Laws, while being constantly tempered by the flames, slowly gaining perfect bodies.
Also, their flame techniques become peerless.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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