Water Divine Resources Ranking

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will describe the top 10 Water Divine Resources.
These resources, are 10 types of Water Essence that can be found in the realm.
Water essence meaning, simply a body of water of varying size, but with a myriad of different attributes.
These water essences give different benefits, but all of them have a common trait: giving a huge boost of energy cultivation, due to vast amount of energy they contain, and also bringing the quality of Water Laws to a new level.
Now, let’s begin.
The 10th Ranked Water is the Blessed Water, which is water blessed by a high-ranking Water God of the Heavenly Courts.
This water has high purifying qualities, but not just that, it’s of high quality, but remaining gentle, so it’s the perfect Water source to be used for those who have affinity towards this element, while also having a huge amount of energy.
The 9th ranked Water is the Serpent Blood Water, which is water that formed through the accumulation of serpent based blood in a place for countless years.
This Water is taking the form of a serpent, has a rudimentary intelligence, and it gives strength, endurance, and flexibility to the ones consuming it.
Albeit this one is far more dangerous, as it behaves like a beast, solely on instinct, and its energy is rather berserk, way harder to absorb, and make yours, than the previous one.
But, it also has its benefits, better quality, and higher amounts of energy.
As the 8th Ranked Water, we have the Lightning Water, which is electrified water, this one forms if a body of water is hit continuously for at least a thousand years, but lightning bolts, that are not too strong, but not too weak either.
It imbues the one who consumes it with both water and lightning properties, making it a suitable choice for those that have affinity for both elements.
But, due to its aggressive nature, it’s suitable only for those who have affinity for both elements, or those with unimaginably sturdy bodies, otherwise the lightning will wreck one’s body completely, being enhanced in magnitude by the water.
It’s a proper source of power, for those of water, and lightning affinity, being able to enhance the strength of both water, and lightning techniques, while also tempering the body in a moderate manner, but as I said, it’s rather berserk in nature, so approach with caution.
The 7th Ranked Water, is the Light Water (light as in not heavy, not as in radiance), this water resides high in the air, being unable to fall down due to its almost non-existent weight, and is seen travelling around the wind currents sectors.
This water is gentle in nature, having the ability to decrease one’s energy consumption, decrease one’s body’s weight, and most importantly give one’s energy an easy, gentle, weightless attribute, making it easier, and quicker to use it.
The problem with this water is that it’s hard to find, get, and store.
The 6th Ranked Water, is the Poison Water, a water resource which is born, when highly-toxic herbs, beasts die in a body of water, in high numbers. (this process can be cumulative)
The ones who consume this water will be immune to most poisons under the divine rank, and their techniques, and very being will become poisonous.
It’s tricky to consume, and absorb this water, as it’s highly poisonous, and one mistake can end one’s life.
But, after consuming it, one will be able to fight cross-rank, easily frightening those stronger than themselves, due to their poisonous nature.
The 5th Ranked Water, is the Flame Water, which is hard to explain, but basically it’s geothermal water, but where the heatwaves have already integrated into the water, making it look like a sea of flames, but it’s actually water. (this is the water Sophia uses for brewing fiery wines)
These flames enhance one’s innate potential, cleansing one’s body of impurities, and also giving the consumer’s flame a purifying trait.
Despite being wild, they are rather easy to capture, and consume, but hard to find, as they are often found deep within the ground, surround by lava rivers, and mistaken for flame amalgamations, instead of Flame Waters.
At the 4th Rank, we have an upgraded version, of a previous entry, namely the Dragon Blood Water.
Just like the 9th ranked water, the Dragon Blood Water is formed when large amount of blood, and energy from dragons, or at least draconic bloodlines, is being accumulated in bodies of water, thus transforming the water’s property.
The one who consumes it, gains the traits of the most prominent bloodline that helped in the forming of the water.
This water already has the intelligence of a twelve years old, being considered half-a-spirit, and it has the form of a dragon (depending again, on which bloodline is the strongest, it will take on the form of that dragon), it’s hard to be caught, and consumed, but it gives a huge boost in natural abilities, and affinities towards the most rich elements that are contained in the bloodlines that form the water.
At the 3rd Rank, we have the Eternal Freezing Water, which is formed in places of extreme yin, and cold, over millions of years.
This water is normal, and fluid until it touches something, moment when it freezes both itself, and the matter it touched, thus it’s difficulty of being gathered is one of the highest amongst all the Divine Water resources.
It needs a special method of gathering, namely wrapping the water with yin laws, and containing it in Dead Frozen Agarwood box, before consuming it slowly.
For the consumption process, one needs heavy yang materials as contra-balance measures, otherwise the water could very well freeze the consumer.
Consuming this water successfully, brings the affinity towards yin, and cold attributed laws to the extreme, enhances one’s body’s resistance towards cold, and strengthens one’s foundations.
At the 2nd Rank, we have the Tear of the Dead Water, which if formed in a heavily water influenced environment, when a strong practitioner of the Water Laws dies in that environment, and its body is corroded by the water elements, and is transformed into a single droplet of Tear of the Dead Water.
One such droplet contains multiple times the energy the practitioner had while alive, and also contains the insights, and experiences of the dead.
This droplet travels across the environment, possessing spirituality.
The one who consumes this droplet, gains not only the insights, and experiences of the dead expert, a huge amount of energy, but also a thorough cleansing of the body, and soul.
Trying different techniques, that could be related to the dead one, is a method that is known to work most of the times.
And now, as the 1st Ranked Water, we have the very first water body formed in any given realm, the Primordial Yin Water.
As mentioned, this water is formed at the very first moments of creation, when the laws explode outwards, and expand the realm.
This water is also often mentioned together with the Divine Black Turtles, often being called Black Turtle Water.
The water’s property is are that of creation, gravity, and heaviness, one droplet varying from the weight of a mountain, to the weight of an entire galaxy.
The consumption of this water is said to give perfect foundations, vast reserves of energy, enhanced endurance, and vitality.
The method of gathering is simple, one just needs to slowly absorb it directly, but this water is hard to be found, as it was scattered across the realm, and often used up by the birth of planets, and stars.
That’s it for the Divine Water resources.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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