Divine elemental resources

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will be describing the Divine resources, which are not mentioned in the story, because sadly, Sophia thinks of them as common things.
But they are not, each of these is a resource that is sought after by many experts, especially those of the corresponding element.
These resources are those that can help one to elevate their powers to the next level, it can be used to either accommodate one’s body to said element’s higher form, or purify one’s innately created element, increase one’s affinity towards said element, and so on.
Now, it’s not a big deal to understand that these resources are elemental, meaning they are naturally/artificially created amalgamations of essences of an element.
The elemental resources are of Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, Wind, Metal, Lightning.
Each of these resources are ranked, and I shall describe the top 10 of each resource later on.
Each of these resources contain unimaginable amount of energy, alongside with special, and unique qualities.
These qualities are inherited by those that use these resources, if they use them correctly.
That’s it for now.
Have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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