Clarification on The Laws

Hello there earthlings,

I need to clarify a thing or two about how I explained the Laws.
First don’t think they are easy, just as it was with cultivation just because both Sophia, and I are swiftly going over it doesn’t mean that it is hard, nor does it mean that it takes no time.
Mastering the Laws can’t be done overnight (without special settings, or miraculous foundation), the study of Laws can easily take years to start, and eternity to master.
Then we have my description of certain Laws.
I used simplistic ways to describe them : Sword Laws, you master them and anything can be cut, and everything is a sword to you, and so on.
Blacksmithing Laws, you master them, and you can forge items that will be heirlooms for Heroes, and so on.
But I added a disclaimer in every description, that “everyone has a different Sword”, “everyone has a different path”, “there are no people who show exactly the same Laws”, and so on.
This means, that the Laws are as varied as how many people practice them. (duuh moment)
But this means, that general description of such laws are vague, and almost meaningless, other than giving a slight understanding.
For example, I will take something which is quite popular in your realm: Sword Laws or Sword Masters.
If instead of “cutting everything” and “anything can be a sword” I said, “Every true sword master’s sword is sharp” , that would be a lie.
There are edgeless swords, and there are Sword Master’s who are hell bent, in simply using the Laws, without a medium. (so they don’t even have swords anymore, but simply the Law, and Intent of a sword, thus their every movement, action, can be seen as a sword technique.)
Also, some Sword Master’s are using strength, and force, rather than technique and sharpness. (this means they rather destroy, or squash than cut.)
If I said what is another popular opinion, both in the multi-verse, and in your realm “Only Speed is unbreakable”, that would be true for mortals, but in the field of Laws, where things like Gravity, Black Hole, Devouring, Darkness, Strength, Soul, Illusion Laws exist… this statement would be just partially true.
At the extreme, speed is truly unbreakable as a peak aspect of the Laws, but at the extreme, this statement is true for any Law, ever for Slowness, so I find it misleading. (Just imagine peak Force, Strength Laws, where just the tremble of your body can shake reality itself… How could anything else approach, or threaten you, when the fabric of space-and-time is threatened by your mere movement?)
So instead of confusing you all, I described them vaguely because you will get to know them better, when the author finally writes the bits where Sophia met with such Laws.
That’s it.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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