Supreme Laws: The Time Laws

Hello there earthlings,

I want to talk a bit about the Laws of Time. (these Supreme Laws, will be explained a bit more, as Sophia adores them, and because they are one of the trickier ones, and one of the ones that you in your realm, really love. Maybe I already explained them, who knows, time is quite hard to read.)
I know that they are mentioned both by the author in the story, and by me here on this site.
I’ve been singing praises to this law, and I’ve read the novels that your world possess, and indeed, the laws of time are one of the strongest, and rarest laws. (albeit, each law is strong if mastered properly, so never discriminate, quite weird to see that each Hero of your novels has to master a rare law, otherwise they are not “strong enough”, weird, and wrong thinking.)
Before anyone starts asking, yes, Sophia knows the time of laws, heck, due to your novels influence, it was literally the first law she started studying through me…
That’s how she can have an endless supply of fruits and herbs, she uses for cooking, brewing wine, juice, and her snacks along with the other refreshments.
Albeit, she’s hiding the truth, in The Garden, her control over time must be at least a thousandfold or more than the original flow of time.
This is the reason, that this law may have been mentioned by some individuals when talking about Sophia.
But she won’t ever use it for time-travel, that’s why she was so conflicted during some rather painful times.
Time is much more complex than one could imagine, even more than the multi-layered space, and even that is such a headache for so many experts.
Now bear with me, I will explain shortly after this, but the situation is kind of like this: past influences present and future, present influences past and future, and future influences both past and present.
Now, the past influences the present and the future, is rather simple to explain, as from the perspective of the past, both present and future, are future times, that are built upon it, so it’s obvious that anything that happened in the past, will affect both the present, and the future. ( this means let’s say: Sophia knew that X will become a tyrant in the future, so she goes back and kills X, but when she comes back to “present times” she realises that a lot has changed, even though she wanted to change just the future and not her time as well)
Now the present influences both the past and the future.
The future part is simple to explain: for the future times, the present is the past, so what happens now, in the present, alters the future. Easy-peasy.
Regarding the past times, this is not just something philosophical like “oh, of course, that present events can alter how someone views the past” .
But how the present unfolds sometimes can alter the past (this works only in supernatural settings, where the energy quality is high, and fate, divination, and time laws can be studied properly).
Let’s say for example: the present time should be enveloped in the flames of war, and this is a fate set in stone, but someone like Sophia completely changes is.
This change can be seen in the past by an expert, thus leading to different course of action from said expert, which would lead to a different present, thus entering a time paradox.
The same way it is for how the future influences the present, and the future, but here the time paradox would be even more complicated, time itself being way too entangled.
Now, about time paradoxes, they are known as little things that entangle time, making a contradictory loop. (example grandfather paradox, you kill your grandfather, but then you wouldn’t be born, that would lead to you not killing your grandfather, thus being born, which would lead again to killing your grandfather, and so on )
Beside time paradoxes, there can be changes be done in the timeline that would create different timelines, event evolutions, and so on.
Now the problem in the great multi-verse, where beings can actually do great changes is: “Am I creating a time paradox, risking to be exterminated by temporal laws, or temporal deities, or am I creating simple, different timeline that benefits my own desires?
Even then, am I creating a different timeline, thus a different dimension, or am I actually swapping the main dimension, to a new one, thus making greater ripples in the great time river?”
Now, creating alternate timelines, thus alternate dimensions, aren’t a big deal, each of our choices creates one or more of such timelines, but then you would have to kill your other self in there if it exists, if not, then it would be easier to integrate in that realm.
But again, there are regulations created by almighty ancient figures, regarding this, if its done by the realm laws it’s alright, but if individuals start traveling back and forth in time, they may have stepped inside a territory, that is strictly regulated by Temporal Deities.
These deities don’t control time, Time is a stubborn, accurate, and usually cold being, also it doesn’t really like to solve problems, so these deities solve them instead of it.
Travelling in time to catch illegal time travellers, hunting time chaos eaters (creatures that eat time, it’s a bit hard to explain in a few words, but basically, beings that eat important individuals or disrupt important events, after which they feast on the chaotic time currents), stopping irregular events happening due to chaos in other zone of the time-river and so on.
Time Laws themselves, can help one do quite the big things, from immortality, to aging, and de-aging people, instantly maturing crops, quickening the growth phase of planets, people, and even realms.
Mostly, Time Laws are used in battles, or for farming, rarely for the change of reality itself, besides the active regulations, there are passive regulations set by Time itself, so the backlash for a big change can be fatal, not just for yourself, and all your different selves in different timelines, but even fatal for anyone, and anything related to you. (long story short: the backlash could potentially wipe you out from history itself, making it like you never existed from the 1st place, the repercussions being felt by anyone who interacted with you)
These Time Laws, can easily allow one to reach the Null Stage level, when one has enough accumulation of understanding, and energy stocks.
That’s it… I know it’s a bit… all over the place, but I really can’t oversimplify it more than this.
Have a nice day.

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