Supreme Laws: Chaos Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I came to try to describe, the Chaos Laws.
The Chaos Laws, are the amalgamation of countless laws combined, birthing an unending, oscillating mass of laws, and energies.
Chaos Laws are able to engulf anything, breaking them down, and converting them into the myriad of laws, that comprise the Chaos Laws.
The basic form of Chaos Laws, require the mastering of the Elemental Laws, thus combining Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal, may allow one to step into the basic form of the Chaos Laws.
Chaos Laws are closely related to Death Laws, and Life laws as well.
From Chaos there is both Creation and Destruction, is a saying well-known in the multi-verse.
One that properly masters these laws, could potentially be able to counter any attack, breaking down the attack before reaching them, while also being one of the most flexible practitioners, as for the mastering of the Chaos Laws, one has to have an arsenal of other laws at its disposal.
As any law, Chaos Laws are those that govern, the cycle of chaotic currents, events, and aspects of the multiverse.
This means, that trying to learn Chaos Laws, is equal to trying to control Chaos, which is a gargantuan task, but is well rewarded.
Chaos Bodies, which are formed through Chaos Laws cultivation, can accept any kind of bloodline, can have affinities towards all laws, and most importantly, can have certain resistance towards the laws they learnt. (There are multiple levels to the Chaos Body, depending on how many laws has one combined, for the creation of the Chaos Laws).
Also, needless to say, but Chaos Laws are unpredictable (duuh moment), so people tend to avoid confronting those who mastered these laws.
This laws, are chaotic (duuuh), thus are riskier than the others, not like the others aren’t risky, but these laws aren’t often mastered properly, so there is no certainty that they could help one to thread along the cultivation path, until the Null Stage level.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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