Supreme Laws: The Yin-Yang Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe the Yin-Yang Laws.
The Yin-Yang Laws focus on the interchanges between the two extremes, with the mentality that, once reaching an attributes/aspects extreme you can break the limit and go towards the exact opposite attribute/aspect.
There are people who believe the Life-and-Death Laws are also a part of the Yin-Yang Laws, while others think that the Yin-Yang Laws are a lesser version of the Life-and-Death Laws, but overall, the multi-verse still considers them both, individual sets of Laws.
The Yin-Yang Laws contain simple opposite extreme pairs of laws, fire-water, hot-cold, sky-earth, illusionary-real, and so on and on, until we reach the Yin-Yang Laws.
The Yin is the cold, dead part of the set, which focuses on cold attributed Laws – water, ice, sky, metal, soul, darkness and so on.
The Yang is the hot, living part of the set, which focuses on hot attributed laws -fire, earth, lava, body, light and so on.
When it comes to mastering the Yin-Yang Laws, one needs to have a thorough understanding of both parts of the set, thus being able to convert the one into the other.
So cold that it burns, so hot that it feels cold and other ideologies like this, are at the base of this laws.
The Yin-Yang Laws, are able to give insights into any kind of law, and help one master them, usually those that successfully master the Yin-Yang Laws, are proficient in most of the yin, and yang attributed laws as well, albeit the possibility, to focus only on these two extremes is possible, but not worth it.
While it works with the extremes, the actual concept at the core of this law, is balance, and equilibrium, as there can be multiple, opposing states existing inside an individual at the same time, if one is cultivating this set of laws.
Using these laws, one can possibly receive any kind of attack, and transform it into something different, non-lethal. (this concept has a saying: “Yin-Yang births everything”)
These laws are also hailed as a sure way to the Null Stage level.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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